Dream Big

What makes me really happy is when I find out that someone I know is pursuing their dream job. I had that moment, recently and it makes me so happy. If I was that person to randomly applaud them for that, I would. But since I’m an awkward duck, I wouldn’t be doing that.

I say this because most people, you usually get a practical degree, business. No offense for business majors but when someone gets a degree, they actually choose for themselves. Like a hobby turning to a career. Its gives me goosebumps.

And even if you don’t go college, don’t give up on your hobbies. For one day, they may surprise you and you could make it a career.

I write stories and since I actually haven’t published anything with getting money from, I don’t worry about it. Because I am getting closer and closer. I do plan on publishing something, next year and sure, I can quit my job and do that full time, yet. But I write because I love it and I will wait for years if I have to. I will not force something to only get failure.

One thing, I want to state is NEVER NEVER NEVER let anyone discourage you. That will tear you down and make you want to stop. Don’t listen to the hate. Always hope. Always show patience. There is a better light ahead.

And no, it will not come overnight like most people wish it was. I want to instantly make money, to be famous. Well, here is the truth. Its not going to happen if you have that mindset. You keep thinking like that and you will never get there.

Start by making mini goals. It doesn’t have to be big. Start practicing. Find a website that you can start publishing your work. wattpad, deviantart, or you can get an instagram and share your art (poetry, music, drawing, painting, video, etc).

Slowly but surely, you will get noticed. Someone will appreciate your work that you could be offered a job.

Dream big. Be bold. Be brave. Wait patiently. Show the haters that you can tower over them. And never never give up. The future may feel far away but it is closer than you think.

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Look, Sunny is sharing a book tag. When did she post a book tag? A very long time, if I do say myself. To the original owner: TheBookArcher You’re welcome!!!

Let’s begin:

Question 1: A popular book or series that you didn’t like.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Cath can be relatable but at times, I really wanted her to shut up.  The first part of the book has excessive swearing. The second part of the book is not for discussion.

Question 2: A popular book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love. 

The Giver Series. I don’t understand why they dislike maybe because the story lacks something but I don’t see it.

Question 3: A Love Triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with

Question 4: A popular book genre that you hardly reach for. 

Straight up Romance, Thrillers, Science Fiction

Question 5: A popular or beloved character that you do not like.

Tris by Divergent by Veronica Roth. Albus from The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, Katniss,

Question 6: A popular author that you can’t seem to get into. 

Sarah J Mass… no comment.

Question 7: A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing. 

The Chosen One and Love Triangle Everyone writes about the chosen one.. Harry Potter, Katniss. Then the love triangle: Gale,Peeta, and Katniss ;America, Aspen, and Maxon It gets tiring really fast.

Question 8: A popular series that you have no interest in reading.

Throne of Glass, Mortal Instruments, Twilight, Game of Thrones

Question 9: The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

Ahhhhhh… *minds goes completely blank

For those who loved reading this, you are officially tagged.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Breaking Free

Since I was little, I keep my thoughts and emotions to myself. I didn’t feel the need to burden people. I took the saying take care of others than yourself seriously. Who would want to hear the feelings or thoughts I had? Who would actually care? I shrugged my shoulders, no one does. They are too busy to notice anything.

And sure, I would lie saying I am fine. Or life is great. When at the time, it wasn’t. The pressure of the teen. Making friends when everyone has already choose their circle of friends. Questioning whether or not to tag along with your brothers and their friends. Then just putting myself in a group even when I felt like an outsider and still do.

Then when I thought my world was fine, it crumbled faster than ever when my grandfather died. And I thought God was punishing me and I felt back and avoided His Word and lied that I read the Bible daily but didn’t at all.

And sure, blocking everyone was not helpful in my journey but losing a childhood friend among the mess I created made my spiritual journey worsen. I felt betrayed. I felt alone. And sure, I’m not a person that loves physical touch but saying anything during my grief would help me a little.

Like most people, people grieve by crying but I didn’t. I push his death aside and I didn’t want to think of losing him. But when hallucinations and dreams, came along. I knew I was truly blocking his death. I didn’t want to accept that he was gone.

From grief, losing a friend like a sister, I thought what better way to heal was to distance myself. To block the friends.

And yes, its been a hot minute, since I actually spoke to people I used to talk in a honest conversation. Of how I feel. Where I stand.

And I still at the stage of trusting anyone on how I feel because the mouth speaking faster and really don’t want to be the gossip. I don’t want the misunderstanding of my words, be something else.

But I was tired of selfishness. I am tired of the hate. I tired of the lies, fakeness, and dishonesty. I tired of small talk. Tired of always trying to communicate when no one wants to show commitment.

Just a few weeks ago, I had to take a break because anxiety attacks came and gone for no reason. I slowly becoming emotional and physical exhausted. Work, stress, stress of why I was so stressed. Trying to make things good but only making things worst. Getting no answers when I was trying so hard to show people that I actually wanted to hang out with them.

But I’m done. Sure, distance shouldn’t break a friendship. But to feel like you are the only one trying to find time in your schedule to hang out. Trying to fix something that was already broken in pieces.

And sure, I was attempting to fix all those years of distancing myself from people. I wanted to be more social but what do I get for trying, nothing.

I’m breaking free. Exposing myself. Being loyal to people but realizing no one actually cares. Or they are just sick of fake excuses of being distance from everyone. Being the last choice for things. Always been left out. No one cares what I love so much.

I honestly don’t care if I lose people from this. I doubt anyone I call a friend will actually read this post. Done trying. I just done.

I’m breaking free from the cage, I created for myself.

I’m free.

Now for new friends, new adventures, and happy memories.

50 Facts about Me

  1. The quietest ones are the dangerous- told by a guy at Dollar General
  2. Pain should not let you lose opportunities of happiness.
  3. Being in solitude is dangerous- me 70% of the time
  4. Real friends support each other
  5. Grief and Loss is probably one of the hardest thing to heal from 
  6. Don’t blame people because of a problem you have.
  7. The problem is usually inside of you and mental health
  8. Writing words are easier than physical interaction
  9. Smiling can be one of the easiest things to do and the hardest to fake
  10. Falling for someone can the biggest and worst surprise, you can receive
  11. Falling for someone is the easiest thing to do but the hardest things to explain why when you have no idea why you fell for that person
  12. Deciding not to college because money is not cheap and I’m  one of those indecisive people ever and also, I want to do all the degrees.
  13. It’s so easy to lose someone, who you would think would stay with you forever.
  14. Be a voice when some people can’t.
  15. When your grief and trust issues doesn’t let you get close to someone again.
  16. Friends always come to end but books are forever since oo and be combined into the infinity sign.
  17. I am a popular loner. 
  18. Tired of the fakeness, people give me
  19. Liking someone doesn’t mean we have to  jump right into a romantic relationship
  20. Please flirt with someone near your age, not me thank you very much. 
  21. I know a lot about makeup but still can’t do liquid liner. 
  22. All I really need is Jesus.
  23. The best friend you can have is your siblings. They are stuck with you until death. 
  24. My stories will always be the opposite of squeaky clean Christian Fiction
  25. The saddest thing is when your co-workers text chat is blowing up your phone, then the chat you made for your church friends. 
  26. When you try to get something together but no one thinks it’s a good idea to actually text back. 
  27. Always feeling ghosted by people you care for
  28. Tired of being taken for granted
  29. Would rather hear your fears, dislikes, emotions than hear how school is controlling your life?
  30. My best friend is Jesus.
  31. Sister are better than people who pretend to be your sister
  32. If I unfollow you, it’s because I’m tired of the fakeness and the little effort you show towards me
  33. I prefer the physical interaction than the ongoing online interaction, I get.
  34. I prefer to talk to someone in person than text messages
  35. Done giving out second chances
  36. If I write something dedicated to you, you are special to me
  37. Fake people are not worth my time
  38. Memories hurt the worst especially if they are about people, you once knew to love. 
  39. If you tell to look at someone in your perspective, I’m sorry but your perspective will not change my opinion
  40. Attracted to glasses, nature lover, Jesus lover, thinkers/observers
  41. I value honesty and loyalty
  42. Wishing to find people who don’t remind me of your old self
  43. My passion is to help people in both my day and night job. 
  44. My night job is a writer
  45. I’m an advocate for the voiceless
  46. My writing is not squeaky clean Christian fiction
  47. The topics I write about are the nitty gritty and dark, the world wishes to hide away
  48. It hurts the worst when the person you once knew as a friend is now a stranger to you
  49. Breaking free for the silence, I once bottled up inside
  50. Show love to everyone. I don’t care about the color of your skin, your religion, your political party. Don’t treat people harshly because they don’t look like you. Hatred is not a great quality. It never was.

Thanks for reading part one of I’m a open book, tune in next week for another 50 facts about me.

NaNoWriMo Tag


  1. Thank the awesome blogger who tagged you! Thank you Esther!!!
  2. Link back to the creator of this tag, Sophie @Sophie’s Corner.
  3. Feel free to use the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag graphics!
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Tag some friends who are also doing NaNo this year.
  6. And have fun!!!

Questions and Answers:


This story was heavily inspired by the anime series, The Last Airbender and superpowers.

When Brianne discovered that she was a mutant in her mother’s womb, everything changed. The worst part of all of this, is that her husband knows nothing about her powers. She pretends to live a normal life as a nurse. But when the outer world breaks the walls, everything comes to a reality. Everything is breaking free, all the hate, all the love, and all the lies. Brianne is clueless what will happen, who would believe her, and who to trust.


A new adult contemporary fantasy story


mess, outspoken, caring


politic evil mess


Realistic goal: 20k Dream Goal is 30k words


First/Second Draft, the next answer will make sense in a minute..


I am planning on working on a story I did for NaNoWrimo 2017. I wrote around 20k words but for some reason, stopped, abandoned it. So yeah. So instead of finishing the first draft, I am attempting to do a second draft as well.


Last at night. 10pm, 11pm, 12pm, 1am… So who knows if I will get sleep, next month???


On a yellow chair, my desk, or my bed, or the floor.


Computer although I might write some scenes on paper when I am not at the house.


Read less, stop doing anything creative for a month


I probably will not do anything local. Maybe online events.. Maybe. Who knows??


I usually skip around but since I am doing a second draft as well. I will probably work from beginning to end.


Panster for the most part. This year, I am planster. I know what will happen, and what I should cover on, but things could happen.


Carrots, I been obsessed with them recently. I will snack on some cucumber and celery. Got to be healthy for once…


Coffee, tea, and water.


Buy a typewriter, buying clothes


Remember to sleep and eat


Nervous, that I will get writer’s block. But excited to get this story out in the open.


Lets just, I am too lazy or my story is really complex. Here is my Pinterest Board.

Tag anyone who wants to do this tag. 

Thanks for reading!!!

Cozy Candle: Product Review (Fall Edition)

I am currently an affiliate for Cozy Candle so what better way to market the products by doing a product review.

Before I talk about the product, tell me discuss the company itself.

Cozy Candle originated Cleveland, Ohio, where the founder, B. Word Productions hand poured 100% soy wax candles during his junior year of Cleveland State University. Now the company now resides in Dallas, Texas.

What are in products, avoid harmful chemicals? Don’t worry, Cozy Candles got you.

So recently, I got the fall edition samples and I thought what better way to show my love of this collection but share the names of the candle and what each of them smell like.

The first one in the collection is Butter Pecan Waffles. Now you can drool for this one, I didn’t and almost ate the candle wax and no, I am not kidding. update: I ate the candle wax. Its amazing. Its taste as much as it smells like butter pecan waffles. Don’t judge me. XD

The second one is Peppermint. Sure, peppermint. Why would they put in a fall collection? Don’t be a spoil sport, will ya? Its taste like peppermint, yes, I am currently tasting candles wax now.

The third one is Vanilla Sugar Cookie. This is one is amazing. I may or may have not almost eaten the whole candle wax.

The fourth one is Fall Leaves. Its reminds me of apple pie, candy corn, apple cider, and fall. Its probably one of my favorites of the collection.

The fifth one is White Woods. Its basically all the scents you get when you are deep in the woods. mahogany, red woods and black cypress and back notes of musk, amber wood, velvet moss and leather. Its my second favorite one. Its wonderful in honesty.

The sixth one is Snickerdoodle. Another cookie scent, please we need another one. Yes, yes, we do. I don’t eat it, I don’t recommend it. Its strong. Strong like snickerdoodle but its smells delicious.

The seventh one is Creme Brulee. Its smells just like one. Caramelized vanilla. I didn’t taste no. It was too good for that.

The eighth and last one of the collection is Fall Sulaf. If you are craving a pumpkin pie but not wanting to make one. Just buy this one. Its smells like it. It taste like it too.

You guys should honestly go check out the collection and buy some.

The prices for the candles:

Sample: $1.98

COZY melt: $5.98

4oz – $5.98

8oz- $11.98

16oz- $22.98

Check out Cozy Candles and let me know which scent they should make next.

Cover Reveal of Jes Drew’s New Book

Jes Drew is publishing a new book.

george costanza happy dance GIF

Who is she? You ask.

Jes Drew is the author of the Ninja and Hunter trilogy, the Howling Twenty trilogy, the Kristian Clark saga, the Castaways trilogy, and The Dystopian Takeover trilogy. She read every fairy tale book she could get a hold of as a child, Captain America is her version of Prince Charming, and she’s pretty sure she’s a mermaid.

Contact her at: author.jes.drew@gmail.com

Blog: https://agencyofbooksandspies.blogspot.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8405352.Jes_Drew

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/DrewJes

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/boosbooks7929/

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGja0f51Ivfa7jySIBDSuLQ?view_as=subscriber

Her new book coming out is Tales from Parallel Worlds


A collection of faerie tales and adventure stories from two worlds parallel to each other. One is a world filled with fae folk and monsters, and the other is place of clockwork and alchemy. Both are brimming with magic, mystery, and mortals who must find their places within.

Between the pages of these worlds, a boy learns his childhood friend is a dyrad, a lady must sneak away from her own ball to provide the cure to a plague-infected village, a siren has to solve a murder, and more.

Also includes an exclusive short story from the Howling Twenties series, involving the enchanted forest, a wedding day, and a blood moon.

Be swept away in tales of wonder- with all profit going to Polaris so girls and boys can have a chance to live their own faerie tales and adventures in freedom. 

Now the reveal…

suspense anticipation GIF

The cover is amazing!!!!!!!!

Make sure you guys add her book to Goodreads.


Thanks for celebrating with me!!!

It’s my Author Name, not my Real Name

Hello. Welcome. This is real so real. Its the truth. My real name is being reveal. Well, technically my first name and last name but you know.

So my name is not actually not Sunny Houk. Well, technically its is. Sunny is my nickname and Houk is my mother’s maiden name. It basically is but not my birth name. I choose to have a pen name or author name because one: my first and last name is really long. I wanted to remember my grandfather who died. So I took his last name so he could still live on. And once upon ago, I thought I was going to become an elementary school teacher. I am pretty sure, no one wants someone who writes dark things to be a school teacher. So things happened and my pen name was born.

Now, I tell you this because I don’t want to have secrets. The only secrets, I hide is what is happens next in my story or who dies. Yes, I kill “fictional” characters. So yeah.

My Real Name is…. Sunshine Cunningham and things I love are the opposite of what my name would interpret. I prefer the night over the day. I love fall and winter and not the summer. . My personality is the opposite. I am introverted and not the not outgoing. I can be but might take awhile. You will see in earth tones although I love mustard yellow.

I will probably not change my pen name to my real name but yeah, now you know. I might change my profile name on here, my real name but who knows.

The shortest blog post ever. XD Maybe I can write something longer next time. Hopefully…

Judge Not

“But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart”- 1 Samuel 16:7

Stop looking at the outer appearance and look at the person’s character/personality, the words and actions, they say and do. Because that is the only way to live. This is how I live. I don’t judge. I show kindness because everyone is equal. We were related through Adam, the first human, God created. That is not why I am not a “feminist”, why I don’t hate on men. Why I refuse the word, racist. Why do people judge what someone looks like? Its disguising and unlike Christ. Racist for me is hate and as a Christians, we should love everyone because everyone is a sinner. Everyone is put into the a state of brokenness because of sin. Everyone is hurting inside. This is I show kindness to everyone. Kindness is the best thing you can give anyone. Its makes them smile. Its shows them the love of Christ.

For me, this is how I choose friends. And yes, I have judged people, I stood myself on pedestal and thought I was better than anyone else. I stopped myself. We are only human. People have feelings. Would you like someone to judge you on how you judge them? Stop being judgmental. Show love. Show kindness.

I thank people who work for the people. Retail (cashiers, sales associates), food industry (fast food workers, waiters, chefs). Sure, they are others but those who I see on a daily basis. I say hello, thank you, have a great day. I say these things not because its manners but because I want to. I want to show kindness. I want to show love.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, South American, gay, or transgender. Why would you be kind to some of those people? They are sinning against God. We are all sinning and sure, some sins are worst than others but doesn’t give us the right to look down on them on pedestal. Its makes us like the rabbis who judged Jesus on His life on earth. Do you want to known as hypocrites?

Today, society makes fun of people’s appearance. Its like its hilarious. Lets make fun of plus sizes, skinny people. They are human too. Your words hurt people. They can cause self harm, beating down someone’s confidence, and some cases, suicide. Remember that each person you interact with is a human and they are have feelings.

Show love. Not hate.

Thanks for reading!!

Relationship Advice

Someone told me, I shouldn’t give out advice in relationships because I never have had a boyfriend. But I have seen people. I have observed people, I know the way they act, how they talk to each other, and how they touch one another. Many of them are married now and are excepted a child or have a kid or two. Maybe its because I never had my heart ripped in half. Or felt betrayed or abandoned. Never been cheated on. Or never had the feelings of butterflies in my stomach.

Ok, I am leaving the chat but guess what I am not leaving. Sure, never I had one but I probably know what a relationship should be. Yes, I have expectations and yes, I know none of my expectations will happen. And no, I am not waiting for a Prince Charming. I’m not looking for someone right now. I taking care of myself first.

There are so many types of relationship but for today, I am talking about the romantic kind. Yeah, the relationship between a boy and girl. That one, the one I avoid talking it. I gag at the sight of it and then sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend. What is wrong with my brain???

But guess what? I know what a real relationship is. I observe and notice things. I notice that girls and guys get jealous. I can see a bad relationship on how they act toward other people. I notice the marks, their significant other gives. The bad. The good. I know what a true relationship and I know that sex has nothing to do with it. Surprise, I am not idiot. No applause.. Go figure.. I kid. I kid. Sort of.

Ok, a relationship. A romantic relationship is something is so rare because its different for everyone. People have only one boyfriend. Or people have several. People date for only a year and then get married. Some people date for years before marriage comes in mind. Some people just date for years and never think about marriage. I would tell you what I prefer but this post is not about me telling what I prefer. Maybe another time. Another post.

Ok, what I believe a relationship should be.

A relationship, a communication bond with two people. Honesty is key for any relationship but it is vital for this relationship. Because without it, how are you to trust your second half?

Doubt fills the air and then you question if your other is cheating, lying.

Honesty something that allows you to open up. The little things that you will open to and be so happy more as you share with your partner.

Then there is trust, if you have honesty, you will have trust. So when something happens, you know you have each other’s back. Sure, they will be times, you or your partner will not be there for you right away. Patience also is a key. They will come. They will comfort you. Don’t think they will comfort the way you want because everyone has a way of comforting. Some, do physical touch and others just comfort you with words.

Physical touch and affection. Touching the person you love is good because they know you care for them. At first the touch such like hand holding, fingers touching, hugging and the impossibly awkward, kissing. Sure, some people prefer to have their first kiss at their wedding but not everyone does that. Physical touch/affection is key.

Its surprising that long ago, people were forced to be married off to strangers basically. And physical touch was like a forced interaction. Or there are some people who didn’t have their first touch until after the wedding. Touch can be awkward at first but its probably is the best thing in any relationship

Every day, we interact with other people, strangers at the store, our family and friends. But the best thing is when you can touch the person, you love. Because what if you couldn’t touch that person because of a sickness or touch was illegal. I know its not real but think hypothetically. Because with touch, how you comfort, love, and protect your significant other? Yeah, didn’t think about. Thank you, Five Feet Apart. Also thank you, for ripping my heart in half.

Today, the world thinks romance is a game and a toxic relationship is entertainment. They forget the importance of the relationship. Its not a relationship, its a desire. Its a want. I want you, I have to have you to be happy.

And then adultery is fun which its not. Its a sin. But if we look in society’s eyes, its fine. Its the best thing. Because who cares of the values of a relationship, because sex is the only thing is important. Then things happen and your significant other is pregnant and you are clueless how you provide for you and your love.

This romantic relationship should be taken serious. It will change your life. It will shape your future.

Thanks for reading!

From the single girl, who pretends she is a relationship guru.

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