Bookworm problems

  1. When you decide to only buy one book and almost buy half the store.
  2. Or when you debate if you should get one book from the library but get more than two.
  3. When it is already late but you want to read “one more chapter.” Then you realize you read the whole book and its around 2am in the morning.
  4. When you promise yourself to be more responsible. Then you pass a bookstore and forget responsibility.
  5. When you are so broken, that you drool over books and wait impatiently for book money.
  6. When your relationship status is a fictional boyfriend.
  7. When your weekends are always booked.
  8. All your free time is devoted to reading.
  9. When none of your friends obsess over books like you do.
  10. When you really want to visit somewhere but that place is fictional.
  11. You may be that person who always quotes books.
  12. When someone loves the movies but has never read the books.
  13. Always watching book adaption movies and counting all the mistakes.
  14. Wishing reading could be considered a sport.
  15. When you see a book spoiler online and it ruins everything for you.
  16. When someone decides to interrupt you while as you are reading.
  17. Naming your future children after your favorite fictional characters.
  18. Hoping one day to have your own personal library room.
  19. When you have no room on your bookshelf, but decide to buy more books.
  20. When you have more books than clothes.
  21. When you finish a book series and you wish only to die.
  22. When you have more than hundred books on your to read and wonder if you could read them all in your lifetime.
  23. Debating if you should have a book themed wedding.
  24. Buying any book merchandise.
  25. When you want a sequel to a book, but the author is dead.
  26. When you already have a list of book recommendations for your friends.
  27. Always daydreaming about the book you are currently reading.
  28. The feeling when you return after a long day and finally are able to read your book.
  29. Continuously posting bookish posts on social media.
  30. Always having a book in your purse.
  31. Reading everywhere from car, bed, plane, etc.
  32. When people ask you what is your favorite book.
  33. Finding friends who enjoy reading as much as you do.
  34. When you want to have a boyfriend who takes you on bookstore dates.
  35. When anything can be used as a bookmark.
  36. When you have to wait for years for a book sequel.
  37. When you want to met all your favorite authors.
  38. Losing your place in a book.
  39. Laughing or crying over a book in public.
  40. Having a room big enough for your books.
  41. When the movie cover is the book cover.
  42. Always picturing yourself as the main character.
  43. Pulling out a book during a social gathering.
  44. The feeling after reading a crushing ending.
  45. Prefer books to roses.
  46. Wishing to stay overnight at a library or a bookstore.
  47. The feeling when someone wants to borrow your book. And you are afraid you will never getting it back.
  48. Going outside means bringing a book.
  49. Debating what book to read next.
  50. Questioning yourself after reading several books at once.
  51. When a book changes your perspective of the world.
  52. When the characters ruin the plot of the story. Vise versa.
  53. Already choosing the actors for your favorite book.
  54. Finding the perfect reading position.
  55. Smelling books.
  56. Wanting to write your own book.
  57. Reading fan fiction.
  58. Wanting to visit libraries all over the world.
  59. When you start liking a character and then that character dies.
  60. When a fictional character reminds you of someone you know.
  61. Neck and back pain when reading a book.
  62. Wishing book series could last forever. So that you don’t miss the fictional characters.
  63. When people dislike the book you love.
  64. When you make up a character’s name because you can’t pronounce it.
  65. When you have to stopping reading to eat and sleep.
  66. Being careful not to rip or get stains on your books.
  67. When you don’t want to read any of the books you already own.
  68. When people think you are becoming quite insane with books.
  69. When you buy books but all them you already read.
  70. Telling yourself to read a classic book so you don’t feel guilty.
  71. All your expectations for anything comes from books.
  72. Always organizing your books.
  73.  Always questioning people who don’t read.
  74. Wanting to start a book club.
  75. Waiting to get free copies of books so you can review them.
  76. Purchasing the paperback because the hardback costs a fortune.
  77. Making weird expressions while reading.
  78. Forgetting that sometimes you have to go back to the real world.
  79. Wondering if you should abandon a book when it gets too boring.
  80. When you are reading an ebook and battery decides to die.
  81. Wanting to read all the books in the world.
  82. When there are new book covers and old ones are hard to find.
  83. When you are reading and the title finally makes sense.
  84. When you realize how many books you own.
  85. Starting a new series when you have too many to finish.
  86. When a book makes your day.
  87. Protecting your books at all cost.
  88. Questioning your reading habits.
  89. Having more books than friends.
  90. Talking to your siblings about books.
  91. Wondering if you need help with your book addiction.
  92. Forgetting what day, year, or time when finishing a book.
  93. Using your books as self defense.
  94. When you enter a book fandom.
  95. Reading past your bedtime.
  96. Trying to avoid the topic of why you love reading.
  97. Wishing you could read in the dark.
  98. Sleeping with your books.
  99. Trying not to give out book spoilers.
  100. Excited when your friend decide to read a book you recommended.

And there you have it. Hundred problems for a bookworm. If you think I forgot one, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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