The Pro and Cons of a Writer

I would call myself a writer. I write fiction from fantasy to dystopian. I also write poetry from gothic to Christian poetry.  If you are a writer, you know what you got yourself into. Here are the pros and cons of being a writer.


You are a writer and you have the ability to write your own stories.

You believe anything is possible.

You believe you are called to be a writer.

Someday you hope to be a published author.

You are called the creative one among friends and family.

You can disappear into a world of your own.

Hoping to become a best seller.


You will have self-doubt in you.

You take criticism too much on yourself.

You don’t believe you can’t do anything original.

The struggle of picking a college degree.

How to find a job with your writing skills.

But at times you dislike your writing period.

Being too poor to travel to research for your stories.

Being poor if writing is the only way of getting money.

Thanks for reading. Any writing discussions I should write about?






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