Day one: Intro

So I decided to start a blog series from an Instagram Post from Simmeringmind.

Screenshot-2017-12-26 #wipjoy • Instagram photos and videos

Most of them I will do on my blog and others on my  Instagram.

Here is the main character of a trilogy I hope to publish someday.  I am currently working on the second book. Hopefully soon I will publish the first book.

Odessa of Valcendren

Crown of scales(image from Pinterest)

She is the daughter to Eira and Leon.

Her personality trait is ESFJ.

She is the heir to the throne of Valcendren.

She begins to develop aniexty from the conflict in the first book.

She has loyal and compassion to her people. She is willing to sacrifce herself for her people.

A Prisoner of Scales is the second book of the trilogy.

The summary of the second book is:

After returning back to Valcendren, Odessa believes everything will go back to normal. Instead fate brings her to a far away land where sacrifices are made. Love is tested to the extreme. Odessa must only hope for the better. If there is any left.


The story includes love, friendship, trust, adventure, and family.

See ya next time I blog. 🙂




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