WipJoy 10-13

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This challenge is hosted by Bethany Simmeringmind

Day 10: A character friendship you love: Odessa and Obadiah It’s really an instant friendship since he saves her life. They have common things from their past.

Day 11: Has this WIP made you cry? I am not that type of person to cry but I have almost had my eyes watered. Either way, I am still rewriting the first draft so who knows. I might.

Day 12: 5 things you like in this WIP

  1. There is extended worldbuilding to do.
  2. New culture: Greek/Roman/Arabic
  3. *spoilers* I can’t say
  4. Setting: Desert
  5. New characters

Day 13: A magical moment in the story

What’s more magical than dragons. It’s snowing in the desert. Idk.

So I currently have bloggers’ block. So any ideas of what I should write tell me here or the comments of my Bloglovin’.



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