New Writing Project

So the last few posts, I have mentioned I was working on the second book of a series I am writing. But currently, I have closed that writing project since difficulties I have occurred.  Mainly because I want to write in a different genre. Or really because I might have to rewrite the story all over again.

Either way, I started a new book. I plan on publishing as an ebook. It’s a contemporary mystery. The story is for an older audience since there is mentioning of tattoos, drinking, and human tracking.  If you are interested in reviewing it, let me know.

This story was actually based on a short story I wrote called Cursed. It is mainly about how society destroys a woman’s perspective of herself. Sometimes leading to self-harm and on occasion, suicidal thoughts.


 Lynn, the main protagonist is a high school drop out. After suffering from self-harm, self-abuse, and suicidal thoughts.  The story begins ten months later, after coming out of rehab.
The synopsis of the story is:
When one of Lynn’s friends disappears, she begins to track down her. Soon to discover a scandalous organization is behind all of it. Slowly killing each leader of the pack, she discovers her life is more threated. Will she protect her friends or will she be the next victim?
Tell me your thoughts in the comments down below.


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