The Prologue of Lynn

So, I give you the prologue of my newest writing project, Lynn. Enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

With black long hair and thin almond blue eyes, and a complexion of tanned camel, I sat alone in the shadows. Hoping for something better. Lynn was my name. I had no family to call my own. Society was my wristwatch. I wrote this story not to show my accomplishments or to be famous. I wrote this to show that everyone is broken and ripped by the tide.

It was a shallow day. Clouded by the eternal darkness within. Overcome by the past thoughts of my selfish acts. Acts of wickedness flying back at me. Scars were my only comfort. Reminding me that everything will be ok. I slept once again on the pillar of salt that my ancestors created for themselves.

My rotting body laid waste for every bird to devour. It felt best to die in the darkness than the light. Darkness was the home of my soul. It felt as though I lived there for eternity. I can remember the first day I became part of society. Lost in the light. Persuaded soon by keepers of the gate. I hoped for a better life but I only found regret.

I hoped that being part of this world would make me a better person. Instead I was cursed of my birth, my rights, and my being. I was forced to play the part. Just imagining the part made me sick. I felt out of the place. I was distinguished before becoming my true flame. I was barren before I was fruitful.

I ran for dear life down the maze of confusion. Out of nowhere, men pulled my hair. My own flesh could feel the misery coming. I tried to jerk free but my own determination failed me. They rubbed their hands on my face. They looked at their hands. Their hands were fifthly by the sins of my life. They cursed at me. Cursing me of my existence. Tears fell from my face. I was ashamed. I was bounded by chains of shame. Beaten by the mistakes of the past.

By daybreak, I was tied to a chair. I tried to cry for help but they constrained by mouth with a cloth. My body ached for the grave. They spat at me. Hoping to break the bonds of my rights. They tore my clothing. I felt naked in defeat. I hoped for someone or something to save me but none came.

My own soul hated me. My body began to wither away. My mind became a pit of despair. My thoughts swallowed me up. Falling deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit. Screams of hatred broke my eardrums. My skin became bruised by the drums of false love. I despised the words of love. How could they leave me alone? Not a flicker of light couldn’t save me.

One by one they left me. Shattered by truth and lies. Hopeless and cursed for the days ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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