Fictional boyfriends

I decided to mix the book tag “Who are your book boyfriends?” with fictional boyfriends from tv shows/movies. Enjoy.

Merlin Show

Merlin: Well obviously who doesn’t like Colin Morgan. Then again, I might be just a third wheel with Merlin and Arthur’s bromance.

Merlin inspires me because of his selflessness. He always puts others first. No matter what happens to him. He is kind and does not seek reward for his actions, although it is sometimes frustrating. People think he is an idiot, but I know that he is one of the greatest men to ever live.

Gwaine: Who can say no to this face?

Heidi is always wondering "WHY AM I NOT FRIENDS WITH EOIN MACKEN?" and after reading this post, we still don't have an answer.

Harry Potter

Snape: Snape is my favorite male character in the whole series. He dislikes Harry Potter, me too. No one would touch me since everyone is intimidated by him. A win, win.

My pages à la page: Novità in liberia: Harry Potter si back!

Jane Austen

Darcy from 1995 Pride and Prejudice

Darcy - Function - Inflected form(s) - Etymology - Pride and Prejudice #janeausten #fanart

Colin Firth - Pride and Prejudice, 1995 | The Definitive Ranking Of Actors Who Have Played Mr Darcy


Ty: I am currently finishing the tv show on Netflix then I will rewatch the series again to prepare for the new seasons coming out.  Then again who doesn’t want a boyfriend like Ty.

Graham Wardle (Ty Borden)

The Lord of the Rings

Samwise  Gamgee

Sam is literally the only reason the ring made it to mount doom!! Frodo would have died a hundred times over without him!

Sam, a truer friend never existed.


*coughs*  Tom Hiddleston

Image result for tom hiddleston loki


Image result for tom hiddleston loki

William Buxton (Return to Cranford)

Image result for tom hiddleston cranford

*coughs again* Benedict Cumberbatch

Image result for doctor strange

I can’t watch any nature documentaries that have him as a narrator. My face will get bright red. XD


And that’s it. Thanks for making my face blush.

Thanks for Reading!


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