Jamie’s Clover: A Short Story

Bonus blog post this week. :)I decided to write this story to help me get passed a slow scene in my current WIP. The synopsis of the story: A single father. A bear and a curious child.

This story took me around three days to write Enjoy reading it. Hopefully soon,  I should have another short story I plan on sharing.

The sweet smell of pines needles blew from the north as little Jamie was busy sitting in the tall grass of the national reserve of Westcross. His fingers gripped the dirt as it slipped into the sleeves of his camo hoodie.

His father was just a few yards away from finishing his shift as a park ranger. With one of his hands on the radio, he called out to another co-worker informing him of a sighting of a grizzly bear near the north entrance of the park. “This is Ranger Riley. Over.”

The receiver replied. “Yes, what is the emergency?”

“We have a code red. A sighting of a bear near the north entrance. Over.”

“When was it last seen?”

“An hour ago.”

“Calling backup. Over.”

Riley’s head turned as he checked on his little boy, smiling he placed his radio down and walked toward him. Lifting him as his little cowboy boots kicked, trying to escape his father’s grip.

Jamie whined begging to be released. “Dada, please.” Waving his hand out toward the grass.

Riley bent down as he kissed Jamie’s head. Placing Jamie down, he grabbed his hand.

Jamie pulled the opposite direction toward the woods. Refusing to go with his father.

Riley carried him as he turned his head constantly. The sight of the bear shook his spine. A bear was a rare occurrence in Westcross. Westcross was a small suburban town just outside of Savannah, GA. The heat from the Georgia coast was no place for a bear. The real question was how it ventured so far from the Appalachian mountains.

His heart raced as he heard a large thud. His body turned as he saw a large branch fall from a nearby tree. “Jamie?”

But Jamie was gone.

“Jamie?” He kneeled down as pulled apart the tall grass but there was nothing. Both of his hands placed at the top of his temple as tears fell down his face. “Jamie.” His hand trembled as he grabbed the radio and turned on the light. “Riley over.”

“Any news?”

“No, but Jamie is gone.”

“Gone, like gone?”

“Yes, gone. I had him a minute ago and now he disappeared.”

“Ok, I am coming as soon as possible. Just don’t freak out.”


His boots stepped through the grass as his eyes were memorized by the tall trees. Reaching out as he tried to grab the blackberries that glistened in the sun. A cry squirmed out of his mouth as a thorn pinched his flesh. Blood dripped down his finger as his eyes began to water. His whimpering stopped as something else caught his eye. A brown creature rubbed against a tree as its nose lifted up. Walking toward Jamie, it turned to a blackberry bush.

“Bear,” Jamie said as he pointed at it.

The bear was clueless that Jamie was there. Caring less about the child’s appearance and more interested in the berries that would heal his cravings.  


Riley and other park rangers began to scan the forest floor as each called out Jamie’s name. “Jamie.”

Riley pulled through his hair as he breathed heavily. He had already lost his wife to cancer. The last thing he need was to lose the only thing that kept her memory alive. His ears perked up as he heard someone call out Jamie’s name. Sweat paced down his neck as he ran toward the voice. He breathed heavily as tears dripped down his face.  

Jamie sat in the grass in front of the wild blackberry bushes. Patting the grass clueless of his father behind him. Or that he was missing in the first place.

Riley scooped Jamie up and kissed his forehead. “Oh, Jamie, I thought I lost you.”

Jamie giggled. “Dada, look.”

Riley looked down and noticed Jamie was holding a four leaf clover. He kissed him again on the forehead. “Oh, Jamie you are my four left clover.”


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