I have the plot bunny disease…..

So I realized that I have the sickness for plot bunny fever. Most of my stories are a surprise idea that I get so often that stop whatever I am doing and start typing it only to discover that I am supposed to be working on my main project. As of right now, I stopped working on my oldest project because I had so many plot bunnies hitting me and I thought would explode. I even changed my storyboards on Pinterest to a secret board. I honestly can’t look at them anymore. I am even thinking of deleting my stories and starting my story ideas anew. 

I am either stressed or overthinking. I might attempt a story once I have an idea worthy enough. Everything I used to look at for inspiration is now useless. I don’t understand what happening maybe I am beginning to question if I was made for writing. Of course, I don’t know since it has always been writing. I really feel like hitting my head against a brick wall. So the next couple weeks, I will be staring at a screen wondering if a new story will rise again. Or is it worth the pain of trying to write? I’m even ignoring the post I wrote a long time ago about inspiration. My inspiration is a blank slate. I feel like blank. I seriously have no inspiration for writing. So the next upcoming weeks, I might or might not be posting. I really need to find out what is happening. Thanks for understanding. 

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