The Selection Series Review


Welcome back, owlnerds. Another book series done!! I started this series in May of 2017 and finally finished it March of 2019.

The Selection series by Kiera Cass is about a girl named America Singer who gets selected to be part of a selection. A selection is 35 girls from each caste is entered into a competition to win the prince’s hand in marriage.

Book 1: The Selection

Rating: Five Stars

This book cracked me up. The plot line is hilarious because when you sent girls to compete against anything really. Things can get pretty interesting. Maxon and America can relate so much to people I know in real life. When America talks with Maxon, I can see myself reacting the same ways she does to him. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book 2: The Elite

Rating: Four Stars

Review: N/A I am honestly confused because I can’t find my review anywhere. 😦

Book 3

Rating: Three Stars

Review: N/A
Same thing!! I am honestly confused because I can’t find my review anywhere. 😦

Book 4: The Heir

Rating: 3.9

Review: My rating is a 3.9. I actually like this book more the original series. The romance and connection Eadlyn and Kile is basically copy of Aspen and America and hate that. Why? I just don’t understand it. Still waiting for more Hale scenes, just saying.

Also it’s no surprise that destroying the caste would make a worst problem than having castes. Maybe the ending was bit overwhelming of course, it’s no surprise since the Elite’s ending was too far fetch as well. I will probably read The Crown so that go an overall book series.

Book 5: The Crown

Rating: 3.9

Review: Another 3.9 stars. I was going to give this book a full four stars but honestly the first plot twist caught me off guard and really feel like was forced or the author just did it to please her fans. Why? I don’t understand.

Overall rating of the series: 3.9


Lets begin. I loved the first book. A dystopian young adult that isn’t the Hunger Games, point taken. The characters related to people, I know in real life. Then as the book went down the liking of the series went down slowly. The “love triangle” between Maxon and Aspen was a bit much. America indecisive for both of them. Then the last two books are about America’s oldest daughter. I actually enjoyed this books more the original series minus the sodomite couple in the last book. I don’t know if this is true or not but it felt thought the author was pressured into represent the sodomite community. Either way, the couple didn’t have purpose at all really. The choose that Eadyln picked makes no sense. She doesn’t really she has feeling for him until the last three chapters of the book. She is so focused on Kile who basically another Aspen that she is clueless of who to choose. I am like what? I really feel like the book was rushed. This is my opinion would not consider this book series clean. Its clean that most books today. In the romance, they are mentions of kissing on lips, cheek, and hands. There is some scenes that possible making out but that in no detail. I actually not sure what the scenes were fully about, but I would lean in that direction. There is some mention of cursing. Overall the series was alright, not my favorite. Recommended for 15+.

🙂 Thanks for reading!!

A poem: A Crush


People say you don’t know love

But you say you do

Looking at your sweetheart

Through the corner of your eye 

But not saying a word 

Not thinking one thing 

Except maybe I’m in love.

Maybe it’s not love

But liking that special someone

Or avoiding that person

For long periods of time

Since you are afraid 

Of what she or he will say.

Maybe its a category of love

Maybe just maybe?

Maybe I know nothing of love

Since I never been 

In a relationship?

Maybe I am clueless 

To even notice a difference

Between like or love

Maybe I’m dumbstruck

Maybe or maybe not?

Love is this thing

Which so hard

To explain

And songs can never explain it

Even if they tried.

Or maybe I am just losing it

And never will experience

This thing we call love. 

Maybe or maybe not? 

A Friend in Need


Welcome back, owlnerds. Here is the first story, I ever wrote. It’s called A Friend in Need. Enjoy!

One evening, a squirrel was working in his garden. When he saw a small mouse digging up some of his celery. He yelled, “Get away from there, you mongrel.”

The mouse replied, “Please don’t harm me, I’m just a poor tiny girl.”

When the squirrel saw this, he answered, “I’m sorry that I yelled at you. What is your name?”

Then the mouse said, “My name is Peach.”

The squirrel said, “My name is Kirby. Do you want to be my friend?”

“Sí, I will be your friend,” Peach remarked.

Soon they become best friends.

Two months later, a storm flooded Peach’s house and she suffered a great deal of thirst and hunger. But that didn’t stop Kirby, he immediately came to her house and fed her a loaf of bread, some berries, nuts, cherry wine pop, and some blankets for her warmth. She thanked him for everything,

Soon, Peach was too old to live in the great woods that she was going to find a mate and live in the city. But, Kirby would not let her because he loved her since he first sat eyes on her.

So, one spring day, Kirby went to see Peach to say good-bye but before he could go to her house. The door opened and he saw Peach wearing a beautiful white wedding dress with roses and a straw bonnet with a sewed flower on the side. He was about to declare something.

But, Peach replied, “I found a mate that is a friend of mine.”

“But who,” Kirby asked.

“You, Kirby, I will live with you as long as I exist,” Peach remarked.

Two hours later, they got married and left the great woods to go to Paris, France. They wished their friends and had grand life as they did.

The controversial topic of the use of language.


Hello owlnerds, this post is different than usual. Here is a disclaimer:

Its been a while since I wrote a blog post. So I wrote this post on Saturday, late at night. A time of day where I like to question and debate on worldly problems.

Good evening, owlnerds. Here is this blog post. I literally just wrote. Let me know side are you on in the comments down below.

This blog post will be the “death” of me, but you know it does have some truth to it. I know that writing this will not change something but at least, you guys might understand. The thing is I question but understand why they think certain words are bad and others are not. When you are listening to a radio and they cut something out and you question what it is and realize its a bad word but then some songs curse but they don’t cut it that. Like why? I know we live in a dark world where people hate God but still really? It saddens me that kids have to listen to and think it’s a good thing you should say those words.

And there are books, movies, and tv shows. And if you watch Stranger Things and haven’t turned off, like why? I watched like 5 minutes of it and realize the kids in were cursing and saying almost every bad word (f-word, h-word, b-word, etc.) Really why? People say they watch or do you some pretend you don’t hear it. Really? Whenever I watch something, I count every bad word and when I am sick of it, I turn it off.

Then there are books. When I rate a book and there is a certain amount of bad words especially cursing, I go down a star in my rating. There is one book I would like to point out and I know people will dislike because of it but going to do it anyway. This book is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I am not ratting the author but if you notice the excessive swearing in the first ten pages, it really saddens me. And of course, most books are like this. I am just stating an example.

We live in a world where people don’t take care of what say, write, etc. It really is sad. This is Sunny on late-night blog debate on the use of language. Thank you and good night.