A Friend in Need

Welcome back, owlnerds. Here is the first story, I ever wrote. It’s called A Friend in Need. Enjoy!

One evening, a squirrel was working in his garden. When he saw a small mouse digging up some of his celery. He yelled, “Get away from there, you mongrel.”

The mouse replied, “Please don’t harm me, I’m just a poor tiny girl.”

When the squirrel saw this, he answered, “I’m sorry that I yelled at you. What is your name?”

Then the mouse said, “My name is Peach.”

The squirrel said, “My name is Kirby. Do you want to be my friend?”

“Sí, I will be your friend,” Peach remarked.

Soon they become best friends.

Two months later, a storm flooded Peach’s house and she suffered a great deal of thirst and hunger. But that didn’t stop Kirby, he immediately came to her house and fed her a loaf of bread, some berries, nuts, cherry wine pop, and some blankets for her warmth. She thanked him for everything,

Soon, Peach was too old to live in the great woods that she was going to find a mate and live in the city. But, Kirby would not let her because he loved her since he first sat eyes on her.

So, one spring day, Kirby went to see Peach to say good-bye but before he could go to her house. The door opened and he saw Peach wearing a beautiful white wedding dress with roses and a straw bonnet with a sewed flower on the side. He was about to declare something.

But, Peach replied, “I found a mate that is a friend of mine.”

“But who,” Kirby asked.

“You, Kirby, I will live with you as long as I exist,” Peach remarked.

Two hours later, they got married and left the great woods to go to Paris, France. They wished their friends and had grand life as they did.

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