Why do you hate yourself?

I dug myself into a hole and I don’t how to get out. So hide the pain. Hide the tears. Hide the fear. Hide myself from everything around me. I use only distractions to cover my hatred of my own body. I use blood to be my satisfaction. But why? They say because its safer. It safer. People don’t care.

This is what people say to themselves. Before things worse and they hit depression, self harm and some cases: suicide.

Although it feels like people don’t care, God cares. He cares because He made you. He loves. Despite the sin we created, He loves you. He cares about you. Even if you are not made perfect. He created you to live. He created to smile and love Him.

Society wants a perfect body frame, a flawless skin. Perfect clothing attire, silky smooth hair. You are not allowed to have scars, imperfections. You have to be perfect. No thigh gap, no double chin. No wrinkles. Next thing you know, you are at a cosmetic surgeon and wanting to get the surgery done to be “perfect.” No human is perfect even after you have surgery, you notice more things you hate. Don’t feel like you were born in the wrong body. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are different and it’s ok if you are different. Dress like you want to. Talk with truth. Laugh like no one is watching. When society tells you to do something always do the opposite. 

If you feel alone, you are not. You are someone and you are worth living.

Society is messed up. Its a temptation trap. It pushes you to the edge and the world begins to cave in. It digs to the root of your insanity. They tell you to be the best to be successful. Is to have a great job. To go to college. To be in a relationship. To have kids.

And sure, I have mention it before but we have to hear this. People need to know the truth. The brutal truth. Even if it pushes society off the edge. You can’t stop running. You are worth it. Put down that weapon that makes you bleed. Someone is think you are worth fighting for. Even in the world is crumbling. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop hoping.

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