Judge Not


“But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart”- 1 Samuel 16:7

Stop looking at the outer appearance and look at the person’s character/personality, the words and actions, they say and do. Because that is the only way to live. This is how I live. I don’t judge. I show kindness because everyone is equal. We were related through Adam, the first human, God created. That is not why I am not a “feminist”, why I don’t hate on men. Why I refuse the word, racist. Why do people judge what someone looks like? Its disguising and unlike Christ. Racist for me is hate and as a Christians, we should love everyone because everyone is a sinner. Everyone is put into the a state of brokenness because of sin. Everyone is hurting inside. This is I show kindness to everyone. Kindness is the best thing you can give anyone. Its makes them smile. Its shows them the love of Christ.

For me, this is how I choose friends. And yes, I have judged people, I stood myself on pedestal and thought I was better than anyone else. I stopped myself. We are only human. People have feelings. Would you like someone to judge you on how you judge them? Stop being judgmental. Show love. Show kindness.

I thank people who work for the people. Retail (cashiers, sales associates), food industry (fast food workers, waiters, chefs). Sure, they are others but those who I see on a daily basis. I say hello, thank you, have a great day. I say these things not because its manners but because I want to. I want to show kindness. I want to show love.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, South American, gay, or transgender. Why would you be kind to some of those people? They are sinning against God. We are all sinning and sure, some sins are worst than others but doesn’t give us the right to look down on them on pedestal. Its makes us like the rabbis who judged Jesus on His life on earth. Do you want to known as hypocrites?

Today, society makes fun of people’s appearance. Its like its hilarious. Lets make fun of plus sizes, skinny people. They are human too. Your words hurt people. They can cause self harm, beating down someone’s confidence, and some cases, suicide. Remember that each person you interact with is a human and they are have feelings.

Show love. Not hate.

Thanks for reading!!

Relationship Advice


Someone told me, I shouldn’t give out advice in relationships because I never have had a boyfriend. But I have seen people. I have observed people, I know the way they act, how they talk to each other, and how they touch one another. Many of them are married now and are excepted a child or have a kid or two. Maybe its because I never had my heart ripped in half. Or felt betrayed or abandoned. Never been cheated on. Or never had the feelings of butterflies in my stomach.

Ok, I am leaving the chat but guess what I am not leaving. Sure, never I had one but I probably know what a relationship should be. Yes, I have expectations and yes, I know none of my expectations will happen. And no, I am not waiting for a Prince Charming. I’m not looking for someone right now. I taking care of myself first.

There are so many types of relationship but for today, I am talking about the romantic kind. Yeah, the relationship between a boy and girl. That one, the one I avoid talking it. I gag at the sight of it and then sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend. What is wrong with my brain???

But guess what? I know what a real relationship is. I observe and notice things. I notice that girls and guys get jealous. I can see a bad relationship on how they act toward other people. I notice the marks, their significant other gives. The bad. The good. I know what a true relationship and I know that sex has nothing to do with it. Surprise, I am not idiot. No applause.. Go figure.. I kid. I kid. Sort of.

Ok, a relationship. A romantic relationship is something is so rare because its different for everyone. People have only one boyfriend. Or people have several. People date for only a year and then get married. Some people date for years before marriage comes in mind. Some people just date for years and never think about marriage. I would tell you what I prefer but this post is not about me telling what I prefer. Maybe another time. Another post.

Ok, what I believe a relationship should be.

A relationship, a communication bond with two people. Honesty is key for any relationship but it is vital for this relationship. Because without it, how are you to trust your second half?

Doubt fills the air and then you question if your other is cheating, lying.

Honesty something that allows you to open up. The little things that you will open to and be so happy more as you share with your partner.

Then there is trust, if you have honesty, you will have trust. So when something happens, you know you have each other’s back. Sure, they will be times, you or your partner will not be there for you right away. Patience also is a key. They will come. They will comfort you. Don’t think they will comfort the way you want because everyone has a way of comforting. Some, do physical touch and others just comfort you with words.

Physical touch and affection. Touching the person you love is good because they know you care for them. At first the touch such like hand holding, fingers touching, hugging and the impossibly awkward, kissing. Sure, some people prefer to have their first kiss at their wedding but not everyone does that. Physical touch/affection is key.

Its surprising that long ago, people were forced to be married off to strangers basically. And physical touch was like a forced interaction. Or there are some people who didn’t have their first touch until after the wedding. Touch can be awkward at first but its probably is the best thing in any relationship

Every day, we interact with other people, strangers at the store, our family and friends. But the best thing is when you can touch the person, you love. Because what if you couldn’t touch that person because of a sickness or touch was illegal. I know its not real but think hypothetically. Because with touch, how you comfort, love, and protect your significant other? Yeah, didn’t think about. Thank you, Five Feet Apart. Also thank you, for ripping my heart in half.

Today, the world thinks romance is a game and a toxic relationship is entertainment. They forget the importance of the relationship. Its not a relationship, its a desire. Its a want. I want you, I have to have you to be happy.

And then adultery is fun which its not. Its a sin. But if we look in society’s eyes, its fine. Its the best thing. Because who cares of the values of a relationship, because sex is the only thing is important. Then things happen and your significant other is pregnant and you are clueless how you provide for you and your love.

This romantic relationship should be taken serious. It will change your life. It will shape your future.

Thanks for reading!

From the single girl, who pretends she is a relationship guru.

New Beginnings


Hello, owlnerds. I have decided to change the focus of this blog. I know. I know. I have been down in my game recently. I have been writing posts on poetry and such but don’t worry the change will boost my influence in my blog. and I will post once a week possibly twice a week.

For so long, I thought I could manage a book blog but recently I have been uninspired. So my blog will be dedicated to health, beauty, fashion, and books. My blog will always be a home for books but will not be a prime focus

And if you saw already, my new motto is “One step in the soul and one step out of the body.” The meaning behind is that I am focusing on myself and careless of the body. I am healing in a mental/spiritual journey. For the longest time, I thought of the negative thoughts but now I am looking for happier thoughts. Learning to love myself. The flesh is a dark place, so not allowing the body to take over me. To use my soul to guide me through God’s Word.

New Blog Schedule: Mondays and sometimes Fridays

To new beginnings. Thanks for reading!!!