It’s my Author Name, not my Real Name

Hello. Welcome. This is real so real. Its the truth. My real name is being reveal. Well, technically my first name and last name but you know.

So my name is not actually not Sunny Houk. Well, technically its is. Sunny is my nickname and Houk is my mother’s maiden name. It basically is but not my birth name. I choose to have a pen name or author name because one: my first and last name is really long. I wanted to remember my grandfather who died. So I took his last name so he could still live on. And once upon ago, I thought I was going to become an elementary school teacher. I am pretty sure, no one wants someone who writes dark things to be a school teacher. So things happened and my pen name was born.

Now, I tell you this because I don’t want to have secrets. The only secrets, I hide is what is happens next in my story or who dies. Yes, I kill “fictional” characters. So yeah.

My Real Name is…. Sunshine Cunningham and things I love are the opposite of what my name would interpret. I prefer the night over the day. I love fall and winter and not the summer. . My personality is the opposite. I am introverted and not the not outgoing. I can be but might take awhile. You will see in earth tones although I love mustard yellow.

I will probably not change my pen name to my real name but yeah, now you know. I might change my profile name on here, my real name but who knows.

The shortest blog post ever. XD Maybe I can write something longer next time. Hopefully…

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