Cozy Candle: Product Review (Fall Edition)

I am currently an affiliate for Cozy Candle so what better way to market the products by doing a product review.

Before I talk about the product, tell me discuss the company itself.

Cozy Candle originated Cleveland, Ohio, where the founder, B. Word Productions hand poured 100% soy wax candles during his junior year of Cleveland State University. Now the company now resides in Dallas, Texas.

What are in products, avoid harmful chemicals? Don’t worry, Cozy Candles got you.

So recently, I got the fall edition samples and I thought what better way to show my love of this collection but share the names of the candle and what each of them smell like.

The first one in the collection is Butter Pecan Waffles. Now you can drool for this one, I didn’t and almost ate the candle wax and no, I am not kidding. update: I ate the candle wax. Its amazing. Its taste as much as it smells like butter pecan waffles. Don’t judge me. XD

The second one is Peppermint. Sure, peppermint. Why would they put in a fall collection? Don’t be a spoil sport, will ya? Its taste like peppermint, yes, I am currently tasting candles wax now.

The third one is Vanilla Sugar Cookie. This is one is amazing. I may or may have not almost eaten the whole candle wax.

The fourth one is Fall Leaves. Its reminds me of apple pie, candy corn, apple cider, and fall. Its probably one of my favorites of the collection.

The fifth one is White Woods. Its basically all the scents you get when you are deep in the woods. mahogany, red woods and black cypress and back notes of musk, amber wood, velvet moss and leather. Its my second favorite one. Its wonderful in honesty.

The sixth one is Snickerdoodle. Another cookie scent, please we need another one. Yes, yes, we do. I don’t eat it, I don’t recommend it. Its strong. Strong like snickerdoodle but its smells delicious.

The seventh one is Creme Brulee. Its smells just like one. Caramelized vanilla. I didn’t taste no. It was too good for that.

The eighth and last one of the collection is Fall Sulaf. If you are craving a pumpkin pie but not wanting to make one. Just buy this one. Its smells like it. It taste like it too.

You guys should honestly go check out the collection and buy some.

The prices for the candles:

Sample: $1.98

COZY melt: $5.98

4oz – $5.98

8oz- $11.98

16oz- $22.98

Check out Cozy Candles and let me know which scent they should make next.

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