Author: Gabriella Slade

Welcome back, owlnerds. This week, I interviewed Gabriella Slade. Bio: Gabriella Slade grew up as the eldest of seven, two of her sisters were adopted from West Africa. As a homeschooled student, Gabriella spent her free time reading novels and scribbling down stories from a young age, where she discovered her love for fantasy. As aContinue reading “Author: Gabriella Slade”

A Teacher Like You

I wrote this free verse poem for my high school English teacher. Please enjoy! Clashes of fiery fury Breaks not the attitude Of thy soul. Thy kindness is the way To behold. Your wittiness outnumbers All brokenness within. Imperfect or perfect It truly doesn’t matter. All I wish to say Is thank you. Thank youContinue reading “A Teacher Like You”

Current Favorite Songs

Welcome back, owlnerds. So this blog post is not book based but since I am currently clueless about what to write. Might as well, do a lifestyle post. As seen in the title, I will listing my current favorite songs. I currently listen to rock, pop, country, soul, and Christian. Enjoy the music recommendations. CommentContinue reading “Current Favorite Songs”

What not to write/read

Greetings, fellow writers, and bookworms. I give you things that you shouldn’t write/read. These are opinions are mine and are based on my Christian faith.   Lets me start by pushing a very common trend in books today and like forever. The need to discuss inappropriate scenes. What is the matter with people today? NobodyContinue reading “What not to write/read”

Fictional boyfriends

I decided to mix the book tag “Who are your book boyfriends?” with fictional boyfriends from tv shows/movies. Enjoy. Merlin Show Merlin: Well obviously who doesn’t like Colin Morgan. Then again, I might be just a third wheel with Merlin and Arthur’s bromance. Gwaine: Who can say no to this face? Harry Potter Snape: SnapeContinue reading “Fictional boyfriends”

Liebster Award

Welcome Back. Hope you are having a great day so far. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by  Emmaline. Thanks, Emmaline, for the nomination. The Rules Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the 11 questions they gave you. Name 11 facts about yourself. Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let themContinue reading “Liebster Award”

The Writer’s Tag

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about? I write fantasy, contemporary, romance, dystopia, science fiction, and poetry. I can write in first POV and third POV. Some of my stories reflect the world’s problems: abortion and human tracking. How long have you been writing? I honestly don’t remember. Strange enough. I know theContinue reading “The Writer’s Tag”

The plague of wanderlust

Have you experienced that great urge to travel? Imagining your toes between the sands of a foreign beach? Ziplining through the forbidden jungle? I know I can’t be the only one. The only problem is that you are broke. Or have no idea where to begin? Me, too. Since I have no idea where toContinue reading “The plague of wanderlust”

How to impress a girl

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I decided to give you advice on how to impress a girl. Share this with all dudes.  It’s for your safety,men. 1) Please don’t call a girl hot. She is not a temperature. She is human. Show some respect. 2) Girls have to be modest. Doesn’t meanContinue reading “How to impress a girl”