Valentines Day

The dreaded month is here. February, the month of love. February 14th where single people hide in the shadows avoiding all stores, restaurants, movies, and any place really. Where people get engaged, where weddings happen, where relationships begin. Oh, this thing we call love. We honestly hate that day. Why? It really is a holiday to separate the singles and couples.

Me: Just another day…

Person: Happy Valentine’s day!

Me: *facepalm* Dang it. I forgot its Valentine’s day.


Person: So how are you celebrating Valentine’s day?

Me: At home

Person: With your boyfriend?

Me: No.

Person: I thought you had a boyfriend.

Me: Nope, rocking that single life.

That example was cliche but I am sure someone has been asked this.

This video just made my day.

My plan for Valentine’s day is to avoid all human interaction. Stay at home and do normal stuff. (writing, reading, Netflix)

Do you like Valentine’s Day and what are you going to do to celebrate the day?








Advice for New Teens

The day has already come and you are now a teenager. You are so happy. No longer are you called a “kid.” You are so excited because all the expectations of a teenager are spinning in your head. Then bam, reality hits in and you are thrown into a black hole of the unknown. Where pimples or acne begin to pop up. Where makeup slowly journeys to your life as a new obsession (if you are a girl).When you experience growth spurts of any kind. Where crushes begin to form. The awkward stage of life. Still deciding whether or not to hang out with the younger crowd or the older crowd.

Hi, I been there. I know the struggle and you are not alone. Here is advice for all teens.

  • Confidence. You laugh now but there will be times in life especially in the teens that all self-confidence disappears. When you look at society guidelines for the image of a man or woman. A flat stomach, abs, tiny waist, big butt, no facial fat. No fatty thighs, etc. You hate yourself. Where eating disorders and self-harm sometimes occur. Be yourself. Don’t care what the world thinks.

Image result for confidence

  •  Make friends. I am introvert so friends are a bit difficult to find. Several years after becoming a teen, I actually created a circle of friends.  So I suck at this advice. Find a group that is the same age as you. Start with small talk and work your way up.
  • Dating. So I never dated when I was a teen. First reason, it’s a distraction especially when you need to be focusing on school.  Things can happen that change your life. Today we see girls getting pregnant during middle school and highschool.  It just got real. Many people will disagree with me. But I am just warning you.
  • School. Life begins to get crazy from middle school to highschool. Getting bad grades because you didn’t you your time right. I am guilty of procantising to never last day. Its not good.  Please do your school. Just don’t lazy about it. It still necessary in your life. You need those grades to go to college or find a job.  Education is important without how is one to do life? Hmm.
  • Parents. Teens years is not to rebel or go against wishes. Respect them.  You will thank me later.
  • Take care of yourself. Brush your teeth. Wash your hair. Keep your hygiene. Don’t become a couch potato.


Any advice I forget? Tell me in the comments below.





Journal Entry 2

I am on a quest. A quest to find what I am. Taking photos of buildings, faces, and stuff in general. Studying up the art of tea. Possibly doing a business management degree. Honestly, I have no idea.

From chef, firefighter, counselor, lobbyist, teacher, vet, neurologist, photographer, and surgical tech. I don’t know what I want to be.

I am like a wheel of fortune still finding my dream career. Like one thing than several months later change my mind.

At the moment, I have some type of freelance business surrounded by tea, books, writing, and photography. Still, unknow of the details. Since just thought of it yesterday.

I am still on a quest on my calling. Still questioning the possibilities.

Seriously how does one know what they are going to be? Like the internet, states answer these few questions and then you will know.  But what if you don’t know the questions? What now?

I still don’t know what I am. In terms of what my career is.

I feel the odd person out when people talk about college. I don’t know. I literally went there. Unrelatable with those conversations.  Like what am I supposed to be?

Indecisive in myself. My dream career is scattered everywhere. I don’t know what, to begin with.

Follow your passion. Be you. Being patient is the key.

I really don’t know.



You are sitting there alone with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Then all of a sudden, someone lends over to you and examines what you are doing.  “Hey, why are you sitting alone? I thought you said you are going on a date.”

You laugh at yourself. Date? Who said anything about a date? You shake your head as you place your cup on the table in front of you. “No, you must be talking about my other friend.”

Have you ever been questioned about your singleness? I have.

When you have a family get together and your grandparents wonder why you are not courting/dating. The thought drives you crazy. You are not alone in this matter.

When the people you hang out are soon to be married. You feel like a third wheel.

But we should not confine on what they speak of. We should be working on our calling. Writing, accounting, engineering, etc.

Before we even start fixing our social status, we should first start by getting close to God. Read in His Word. Mediate on it. Trust in Him. We can’t do anything without having full trust in Him.

Good advice to single girls: "Get close to God first, before getting close to anyone else. God without a man is still God, but a man without God is nothing." ❤️

Singleness isn't a season to "endure" until marriage, but a season to serve God to the best of our ability. @girldefined

Are you struggling with singleness? I recommend you to watch  Girl Defined on Youtube. Also check out their book.



Journal Entry

Name: Sunny

Date: 1/15/2018

                    Today I realized one cannot live in the past but the present. Let us hope for the future. Whatever God decides for us to be. Let it be. Sometimes things don’t go our way. It is not our choice but God’s. Trust in Him always. Even if times now look as though they are the worst. Keep walking in faith. Don’t look back. Trust in Him.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:18-19 NIV #ThrownThroughThrew #TripleTJourney

This is a clear reminder to all of us. When you are struggling to faith in Him. When you are struggling to get up in the morning to do life. When you believe your life is worthless. Look to Him.  #fitteamenjoylife #fitteam4life

I struggle by looking back in the past and try to recreate something which is not. Be grateful for where God has placed you. Don’t try to be something you are not.

Memories of loss or memories of the past, in general, can push away our present goals into a pit. We need to keep walking. Things will get better. Just have faith in Him.



Goals of January

This year will be different. Different meaning I will challenge myself. I will see how that goes since I enjoy staying in my comfort zone.  Right now I am like this:

This is going to be an interesting year.

  1. I am known to wear my hair up in a ponytail. Its just easier. There is no hair in my way.  I am going to try to attempt putting it down since in a couple of months I am going to be cut it off.
  2. Try to read at least ten books. I have a checklist of what I need to read this month. So hopefully that will be a success.
  3. I am going to start taking pictures. I got a Canon Powershot for Christmas. So I have a greater reason to take pictures. Hopefully I will make blog post series about my photography journey each month.
  4. Start Reading the Bible more. I am gulity of not reading the Bible daily. So I going to start reading the first book of the bible, Genesis. While I read, I am going to start bible journaling as well.
  5. I am currently rewriting my story, A Prisoner of Scales. Hopefully by the end of the month, get a quarter of it done.

What are you guys’ plans for this month? Are challenging yourself? Tell me in the comments below.


Hopefully by the end of the month, I should be looking like this:


The beginning of many months. Let’s do this.

Image result for challenge accepted


New Year Resolution

This year is almost over. 2018 is just around the corner.  Time to write my New Year’s Resolution. Although most people prefer not to do it because who even does it. *coughs* I did. Not everything but most of it. Am I the only one who does this? Comment below to join Team 2018.

2018 New Year Resolution:

  1. Actually publish a book, this year.
  2. Donate ten inches to  Locks of Love
  3. Read 100 Books
  4. Water tubing down a river
  5.  Watch a Marathon of Lord of the Rings
  6.  Be healthier
  7. Exercise Daily
  8. Try Sushi
  9. Donate Blood
  10. Upgrade my camera
  11. Donate money to charity
  12. Start a new Hobby
  13. Read the Bible more
  14. Go Paintballing
  15. Go on a short-term ministry trip

Anything else I could do in the next year. Comment below on what else I should do? 🙂