Welcome to my page where I share discount codes on the companies I use.

I have been using Thriftbooks for over a year. I enjoy it immensely. The reasons why I love it so much. 1) Used books 2) The cost starts as low as $3.79 3) When your total is $10, you get free shipping!! 4) As soon as you hit 500 rewards points, you get a choice of any book for free. Click on this link and you will receive $15 off your first order.

Quip Toothbrush is an online company that allows you either to prepay or pay monthly for three months. The company will give you an electric toothbrush set which includes 2x electric toothbrushes, 2x multi-use cover/mount, 2x large toothpaste.

The refills include 2x fresh brush heads, 2x AAA battery, and 2x large toothpaste.

Sign up today. Use the link or code for a free refill.

Referral URL: or use the code: 460757087844