My Works

Life VS Self

The confessions of a twenty-something girl who expresses the truth in a world full of wickedness.

Life VS Self is a nonfiction. I have not completely decided what I am going to do with it. Its digs in the core of the problems of the world. Each problems shows an example of situation in a person’s perspective. It might be a devotion or maybe not. We will have to wait and see.

Crown of Scales, a fantasy novella, I plan on publishing by the end of the year


From the fields of wheat to the Valcendren mountains, Valcendren is land of untold mysteries. But one mystery is coming to life. A creature that will divide the lands apart and bring darkness. Centuries have passed and the black curse have plagued the lands of Cendren. People believe that this curse will never lift up but that day will soon be upon them. 

Days before the largest event of Princess Odessa’s life, a dark past raises its head and shatters her heart. That past may cost her own life. Will she overcome the obstacle the High King places before her? Or will she lose control and become the monster she fears?

Under The Grave

Synopsis: A collection of works ranging from 2015-2019. You will see short stories, haikus, sonnets, a found poem, free verse, and much more.