The crispiness of the fireside

The sweet savor of spices

The conscience of life

Depended on harmony and peace

Affections of time

Lost phases of due course.


The drips of life

Upon my windowsill

Running as if in a race

Quiet as a mouse

And loud as a screeching eagle

Found by the shadows of men

And lost from their white wonderland

Travelling forward

To create happiness

Bringing forth hope and joy

Inside the perils of darkness.


As the flowers bloomed of seamless faith

It seems impossible that anything could happen

Birds had risen to joy

After the cold winter sorrow

Winds came from the East

Overpowered by the hope of a new life

Melody was once again

The theme of hope

Spring was finally here.


Tangled by the deep sensation
Of everlasting peace
She stood there
On the side of the bank
Hoping, dreaming for her beloved
The hems of her dress
Dangled upon the ocean’s
Pit of despair
Haunted by the great war
As her father
Laid there in cold blood
She could feel
The smooth touch
Of his leather jacket
As it slide down her soft skin
The utmost parts of her body
Heated up for the deep affection
Of her beloved
Hoping, wishing for the safety
Of her dear soldier.

The Great War

Craving for her soldier
Dreaming of his sweet touch
As he pulled through her hair
The uneasiness of it all

Sparks in the air
As the battlefield exploded
As both boy and man
Face reality as it is
The desire of coming home
With the slight flaw
Of cowardice
Butts of cigarettes
To ease the pain
Of selfishness

Guns fire
As the soldiers watch
The world began anew
Blood spilled, guts exposed
Darkness fills
Their light of hope
Strikes of thunder
Upon the battlefield

Flags are flickered
Upon the gravestones
Of their loved ones
Trumpets are heard
As the song of sweet sorrow
Fills the skies
The souls of the departed
Drift onward
To the heavens above.

The Creature

A dragon sat with wings spread out

Looking glorious than ever

Marvelous, it was

The wings were like rubies

Fresh out of the mine

Its scales were brighter than the stars

But look at its figure

Its face shows abundance of pride

The claws are sharper than a two-edged sword

How can this creature being so rare?

Be the equal to destruction.


Dark is the night

Where there is no light

Shadows are here

Listen to your ear

Ghosts are coming

Music is drumming

The night of the feast

Where everything creased

Gone is the wind

But I don’t mind

Look and stare

This is very rare. 


Bloody in the hands

Weak in the heart

Lost in the mind

Hopeless am I

Thorns in the back

Unable to escape

From the perils of my reality. 

Lost Love

Lost under my own skin

Recognizing that I am nothing

Afraid of your glances

Alone in my own reality

That all will come to nothing

Challenged by own mind

Haunted by my thoughts

Hoping for the future.

Only Human

Quiet as a mouse they say
Difficult to read they say.
Depressed and alone they say.
No feelings, no thoughts, and no words
What do you think I am?
Non existing?
Just a burden?
I am something.
I am human.
I do have a life.
I’m not worthless.
I might be quiet
But my mind is so wide open
As far as I can see.
Never question my existence.
Never judge unless you want to be judged.
Hold fast to what you believe.
Care less what the world thinks.
I’m only human.

The Loner

Every now and then
One’s questions humanity
Are there are even true friends?
Who stick to you like glue?
Or do they hid a secret
That damages your trust?
Are there people who
Actually, care about your feelings?
Is that a thing?
Or are you that friend
Who doesn’t belong
In this generation?
You try to do something
But communications
Isn’t your skill.
You still hope
That someday
Someone will notice you
And make your day.


Blessed with imaginable thoughts

That are shredded by uncertainty

Caged with sorrow and pain

Destroyed by society

Lost from within

Unstable around about

Questioned by all

Loved by few.


Destroyed by the wind

Ripped by the noon tide

Pulled by internal pain

Envious of mutuality

Cautious of all

Deserted by mankind

Faithful to one and all.


Laid on the side of the bank

Still against the perils of humanity

Twisted by unimaginable thoughts

Of the human race

Careless of rank

Watchful than the setting sun

Taller than the mighty

But lower than society.


As the evergreen speaks

Let us be one

Not divided by matter

Or unchangeable thoughts

Acting as one person

Time as our essence

Bringing forth fruit in its season.

True Marriage

Helpless are we

Lost by our own device

Caring as if nothing mattered

As long as we are one

Broken by the world

Tempted by the wicked

Unashamed by our actions

Hopeful for the future.

My Lamp

I will love the Lord

Through all my days

Even though times are far away from the bay.

With my heart I sing,

“Hallelujah, It is He

Who made me.”

And this ring

I pledge thee

That my father indeed made me

And still takes care of me.

Who am I?

Who am I?

I am Righteousness.

I am Love.

Who am I?

I am your Lord and Savior.

I am Jesus Christ.

What is True Love?

Love is like the Sea

It flows like eternal waves

It never creases.

What is Love?

What is love?

Love is unbreakable.

Love is kind.

Love is hope.

Love is joy when we are desolated.

Love brings light to the blind

And happiness to the poor and needy.

Love is everlasting.

Master Almighty Our King

Master Almighty our King

Where is thy Ring?

The Ring that brings love

Which is from the above

The Ring that brings strength

Which is above all length

The Ring that carried me

But why did thou carry me

I did not deserve

To serve

Thy holy face

In this forsaken place

But You are He

Which all can agree

That thou art mine

And that all is fine

Master Almighty our King

You are my Ring.

Great and Powerful is the Lord

Great and powerful is the Lord

He is mighty indeed

He is Lord of the heaven and all

He is ruler of earth and sea

He reigns all creatures above and below

Every creature that crawls and creeps on the earth

And every creature that swims in the sea

Great and powerful is the Lord.

Confessions of A Bishop in Hippo

O Lord, we humans, long to praise you

Praising you may bring us joy.

Our hearts rests in you.

For as they seek they find him,

And on finding him they will praise him.

My faith calls upon you

Your son shall I call upon

For who else is lord except Lord?

Who is god if not our God?

You are most high, most powerful,

Supremely merciful, supremely just

Seek although you lack nothing.

You owe us nothing, yet you pay our debts;

My God, my life, my holy sweetness

Through your own merciful dealings

With me, O Lord my God.

Say to my soul, I am your salvation.

I cry , Cleanse me of my hidden sins, O Lord.

Yet allow me to speak though I am but dust and ashes

For it is your mercy that I address myself,

Everything I need for health and salvation flows from my God.

For you existed before the dawn of ages.

I will praise you for my earliest days and my infancy.

I should praise you, O Lord my God, who gave life to me.

I began to pray to You, my aid and refuge.

O lord my God, you are the disposer and creator of everything.

Hear my prayer, Lord.

Let not my soul faint under your discipline, pluck me from all my evil ways.

You see this, Lord, you are very patient, exceeding merciful and worthy of our trust.

O Lord our God, I give thanks to you.

All things are gifts from God.

He who made me is good.

I give thanks to you, my sweetness, my honor, my confidence.

I will be with you; because this too is your gift to me that I exist.

Adolescence, foul deeds I committed; sins of the flesh corrupted my soul.

With bitterness, I turned away from you,

My beauty rotted in your sight.

Young and weakness engulfed me in a whirlpool of mortal state.

I roamed the streets of Babylon in filth.

Look upon my heart, O God,

Which you took pity in its destruction.

What did I love in breaking the law?

Was I, a prisoner with something forbidden?

Let me love you, Lord,

Give thanks and confess your name

By your grace and mercy, you melted my sins.

What fruit did I reap which I now blush to remember?

Who can teach me, except the One who illumines my heart?

Whoever enters into You, he will fear nothing.

I was starved of that food which is my God,

Yet this created no pangs of hunger in me.

My soul’s health was covered with sores.

I was held by the fire within me.

Beware of impurity under the guardianship of my God,

The God of our fathers who is to be praised.

Lord God, lover of souls, shows mercy far more than we can

Because no sorrow can wound you.

The sins on which I spent all my strength

Led me to abandon you and plunge into depths of unbelief.

O my God, you were merciful to me, my refuge from the dangers.

I wandered.

I withdrew from you, loving my own ways and not yours.

My God do I confess for you showed mercy to me,

You were more present to me than my innermost being.

God was good, I see that.

God is spirit, a spirit is and as God is.


From Book 1-3 of Saint Augustine’s Confessions


Breathless under the cold wind

Heart as if half full

Days are longer than dust

Winter is ever changing

What have I become

Countless are memories

Of that bittersweet sorrow

What will I be

When the sails are cast off

And the world is no more.


As the crystals of winter came to end

I saw that time had stopped

Words couldn’t describe what I saw

Ground had turned to dust

Freedom was overshadowed

By the pain that came

My mind was tangled by the utmost of dreams

Of endless darkness

Dew was my only comfort

I was paralyzed

Of what had happened

I was burdened

By the winds of the earth

What seems impossible was possible.


The mirror that was once clear

But in minutes, shattered.

Was it my doing?

Or was it the hidden fault of another

Is spring the season of joy

Or is it not?

Reflection of one’s self is lost forever

And can never be undone.

Will I wither away

like a rose in a bouquet?

Darkened within seconds

Burning from the hidden pestilence

It is too late

For it can never be undone.


It lingered in my mind so often

I wished that it would fade away

That moment of pain that shatters the soul

Pulling the roots of that very uncertainty

Faint-hearted are we

Seeing nothing before it happens

And lost when it does

What is that very sound that you make

It is nothing now

But the crickets of a noon day.


Taunted by the crowds

Cursed by appearance

Cornered by existence

Panicked within

Laughed by the likeness of men

Uncertain of livelihood

Beaten mentally

Tossed aside

Lost and alone.

The Wicked

A people of lies

Are bond to the chains of sin

And their lord, Satan.

The World

Lost words cannot describe

The tyranny of foolish men

Stubborn as a mule

Envious as the mirror inside of them

Ripped by their endless wishes

Darkened by the wicked one

Doomed by the fire within.

The False Men

There are false men

We know that they are more than ten

They tell only lies

And bring only cries

They believe they know all

But they only fall

Shame on them

These wicked men.


By our tears of scars

We have no desire to live

From the chains of pain.


Dark is my eyes

I wait in lies.

I seek no face

In this desolated place.

My mind is lost

By mine own frost.

No hope in me

I am on my knees.

With no life

There is strife.

There is death,

And I have no breath

The time has come for His Wrath

Because of my path.

I am Guilty

My mind began in a dizzy

While my eyes were filled with anger

And my hands were filled with hatred

Upon a man of a gentle heart.

I swung with my hand of hatred upon the man

And the man fell upon the ground lifeless.

My eyes were suddenly open

When I looked upon my hands,

My hands were red with guilt,

I know now that I have done an unrighteous act.

What will become of me?

I cannot hide my guilt

But show myself as a shameful person.

I cannot prevent that it never happened

Because it has.

What will happen to me on the last day?

Will I be thrown into the fiery pit of pain and misery?

Or will the Righteous One

Show mercy on a guilty and unrighteous man that I am?

There is No Escape

In the shadows of darkness

I shall not kiss

Or be near the abyss

For darkness now surrounds me

And it shall swallow me.

I make no sound

Or neither pound.

I cast away myself

among my outer self.

My hands grab me

And told me to flee.

But how can I flee?

For now, they see

My inner self

They shall destroy me

I cannot save myself

But fall among them.

Woah, is some

That cannot flee

And glad are thee

For they know better than me.

I have fallen into the pit

And the fire is lit.

Gone I am

And gone I will stay.