Only Human

Quiet as a mouse they say
Difficult to read they say.
Depressed and alone they say.
No feelings, no thoughts, and no words
What do you think I am?
Non existing?
Just a burden?
I am something.
I am human.
I do have a life.
I’m not worthless.
I might be quiet
But my mind is so wide open
As far as I can see.
Never question my existence.
Never judge unless you want to be judged.
Hold fast to what you believe.
Care less what the world thinks.
I’m only human.


Tangled by the deep sensation
Of everlasting peace
She stood there
On the side of the bank
Hoping, dreaming for her beloved
The hems of her dress
Dangled upon the ocean’s
Pit of despair
Haunted by the great war
As her father
Laid there in cold blood
She could feel
The smooth touch
Of his leather jacket
As it slide down her soft skin
The utmost parts of her body
Heated up for the deep affection
Of her beloved
Hoping, wishing for the safety
Of her dear soldier.

The Great War

Craving for her soldier
Dreaming of his sweet touch
As he pulled through her hair
The uneasiness of it all

Sparks in the air
As the battlefield exploded
As both boy and man
Face reality as it is
The desire of coming home
With the slight flaw
Of cowardice
Butts of cigarettes
To ease the pain
Of selfishness

Guns fire
As the soldiers watch
The world begin a new
Blood spilled, guts exposed
Darkness fills
Their light of hope
Strikes of thunder
Upon the battlefield

Flags are flickered
Upon the gravestones
Of their loved ones
Trumpets are heard
As the song of sweet sorrow
Fills the skies
The souls of the departed
Drift onward
To the heavens above.

The Loner

Every now and then
One’s questions humanity
Are there are even true friends?
Who stick to you like glue?
Or do they hid a secret
That damages your trust status?
Are there people who
Actually, care about your feelings?
Is that a thing?
Or are you that friend
Who doesn’t belong
In this generation?
You try to do something
But communications
Isn’t your skill.
You still hope
That someday
Someone will notice you
And make your day.

Shadowed by Devices

Shadowed by devices
Raged by past actions
Questioned by the future
Two mirrors clash as one
Reflected by desires
Chosen from birth
We two are one
Or are we?


Like the shadows of the night
Like the darkest of secrets
Like the bottomless pit
A peace keeper to some
An emotional feeling to all
A question of reality
An entrance of darkness
A thing of the past
A forgotten cause
Black is worth fighting for.