Book Recommendations

I love giving out recommendations. It is a rare occasion when I do because people know that I will give them a very long list. Here is a basic book recommendations, I recommend to anyone. Whether you love reading or not. Enjoy!

Hahahha I literally did this one time to someone. Asked for a few recommendations and I ended up giving them a list of my entire nook library. Whoops.


  1. The Holy Bible
  2. Kristian’s War by Peter Wisan A retelling of Pilgrim’s Progress. So if you love marines and army based stories, this is the book for you.
  3. The Lord of Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
  5. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
  6. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  7. Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riodan
  8. Girl Definded by Kristen Clark; Bethany Baird
  9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  10. The Odysessy by Homer
  11. The Door by Lorilyn Roberts. A retelling of Alice and Wonderland.
  12. The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
  13. In Freeman’s Cause by G.A. Henty
  14. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
  15. Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flangan
  16. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
  17. Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink
  18. The Book Theif by Mark Zukas
  19. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  20. The Great Divore by C.S. Lewis
  21. The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul
  22. Ten Girls who Made History by Irene Howat
  23. Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola
  24. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  25. Little House series by Laura Ingalls
  26. A Tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

I could continue doing this forever. But to save us the trouble I won’t list anymore books. Its for the best.  Merry Christmas!





New Year Resolution

This year is almost over. 2018 is just around the corner.  Time to write my New Year’s Resolution. Although most people prefer not to do it because who even does it. *coughs* I did. Not everything but most of it. Am I the only one who does this? Comment below to join Team 2018.

2018 New Year Resolution:

  1. Actually publish a book, this year.
  2. Donate ten inches to  Locks of Love
  3. Read 100 Books
  4. Water tubing down a river
  5.  Watch a Marathon of Lord of the Rings
  6.  Be healthier
  7. Exercise Daily
  8. Try Sushi
  9. Donate Blood
  10. Upgrade my camera
  11. Donate money to charity
  12. Start a new Hobby
  13. Read the Bible more
  14. Go Paintballing
  15. Go on a short-term ministry trip

Anything else I could do in the next year. Comment below on what else I should do? 🙂

Geekerella: Book Review

Title: Geekerella

Author: Ashley Poston

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Retelling (Cinderella)

Published: April 4th, 2017

Setting: Charleston, SC, and Atlanta, GA

Language: There were many incidents when there were cursing in this book. Mainly it was Darien’s fans or Elle’s stepsisters. But it is still cursing.

Romance: There was one scene at the beginning of the book.When a fan knocks Darien down and kisses him. Also another at the end of the book, a kissing scene but nothing major.

Violence: N/A


Danielle:  Main character

Catherine: Danielle’s stepmother

Franco: Mr. Ramirez’ dog (neighbor’s dog)

Chole and Calliope: Catherine’s daughters

Darien Freeman: Actor, Federation Prince Camindor (Starfield)

Gail: Darien’s handler, best friend

Jessica Stone: Co-star of Starfield

Mark: Darien’s manager, father

Favorite Quotes:

“Stop it. You are trusting. You love your fans. You’re cool and funny and chill. You are Jennifer Lawerence.”- Darian (pg.37)


“It’s like Taylor Swift insuring her legs. Ridiculous.”- Darien (pg.284)

Overall Opinion:
There are several scenes that are relatable for both Darien and Elle.

I love the sass that Elle gives when she encounters Darien at Miss May’s office. It was hilarious.

My favorite character is Sage. 100%

This book is ridiculous, hilarious, and the best thing ever.

I would rate this book four stars out of five mainly because of the cursing in it.




What is inspiration?

As states,

“1. an inspiring or animating action or influence:

 I cannot write poetry without inspiration.
2.something inspired, as an idea.
3.a result of inspired activity.”
Something anyone struggles with. From writing a birthday card to someone. Thinking of what to draw next or write next. What to make next. The possibilities are endless.
The problem is how to find it. The struggle is real. I feel ya, bro.
Of course, it’s not that hard to get out of it. Even if you are not that “creative person”.
Honestly, you may not know it but we are all creative. Even if we don’t know it.
When we decorate something that is using your creativity to express our style.  When you are writing essays, you don’t always have to write fact by fact. You use different styles so that your essays are not boring. When we get dressed, we are using our skills in matching to form an outfit. When you make up a game for your siblings or friends that is creativity. Making a dish of food. Any small details we do probably has a form of creativity.
meraki [Greek μεράκι] ~ (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.
This, of course, doesn’t mean we all need to get a creative degree. (Writing, Music, Art, Dance, etc) Our personality and our hobbies usually tell us what we are going to be. Or God may have a different plan for us.
Now the problem is how to break the shell. Inspiration can be found anywhere. From surfing the web, reading the new, and listening to music. Watching a movie/tv show, people watching, and a conversation you had recently.The possibilities are endless. Open your mind. Breathe, it is not going to happen overnight. Pray about it. Relax.
"To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go & place them into each project you make." - Pat Bravo | #patbravo #inspiration #creative
Just remember. Break the shell. Careless of what people think. Be yourself. Express yourself. Doubt will always fight against you.
''Sie wurden ein Original geboren, sterben Sie nicht als Kopie'' | #Quote um Sie zu inspirieren
What causes creativity? |
Lastly, remember “creative” people is just a stereotype. Be yourself. Try new things, you might actually enjoy it. 🙂

Mortified: A Short Story


A while ago, I wrote a short story using symbolism. The story itself symbolize the journey of falling into sin and the difficulty of getting out of it.

The title of my short story is called: Mortified

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it. I would greatly appreciate it.


The clouds swirled around about me as I could hear the radiation of the surface bubbling up. I groaned as my back cracked. My body felt as though it was melting away. Blood was my only comfort. Many times had I thrown myself to the ground of this prison. I could feel the anguish of my broken heart. I regretted every second of the day because of my foolish act. How could I be so stupid of being part of a wicked act? They lied to me and swore to me that I was doing the right thing.

I laid on my back and staring at the darkness that still compassed me about. My nostrils widened as I could smell the misty rugged air above and my masters’ dinner of old rotten flesh. I ached for my freedom but I knew I could never find it. I ripped every shred of clothing of mine and tore it like an animal. I questioned myself that if these years of suffering have caused me to transform into a monster. My mouth widened as blood dripped down my body. The old scars of torture had returned once again.

The day I was captured, was like no other day. Curly black rags dangled down my head. My cheeky behavior was usual for young boys. My poor old mother would never understand. I always doubted my mother’s stories and warnings in life. Believing in my stubborn heart. I was soon able to escape my mother’s rattling tongue. She had continually told me of a book that my father read to me. I hated that book but now I wished I knew about it more than ever before.

The door creaked and could see the light and smell the sweet scent of the sleepy sun. I didn’t turn back and ran into the woods. My mother wished nothing else than her only son to disappear into the woods. I had believed that my mother would never find out because of her recent amnesia. I guessed wrong. The day I got captured. I could hear the ravens crying out in the distance. I could also hear my mother moaning for her dear son. Aching for her child’s innocent body. She would never see me again. Fearing the woods and all the secrets within.

I was pierced by sheer curiosity as I continued to explore the dark woods. The treetops were dark and broody. I could feel the curses my mother told me. The air divided by light and darkness. As the sun disappeared, I only hoped that the lightning bugs would help me. My heart sank because I could hear the creatures of night howling their first hunting cry. I would never return homeward. Too afraid for my own life.

I stumbled over something and fell to the ground. Crawling by my knees, I felt something rough and rigid. I wiped the dirt away from the ground. I gasped and realized that I fell over a tombstone. I could hear the rustling of trees and a screech of owls in the distance. I remembered how my mother spoke of the curses of this land. She would be right with this noise and this place. A graveyard was sheer sign of death.

I was about to run from it but stopped as I hear someone or something weeping in the distance. My eyes could barely see as the place was pitch black. All the bugs of light disappeared and wished no part of helping me. I used my ears and feet to find the person. I stopped at the entrance of a tomb. I saw two pairs of glowing red eyes. My spine shivered and I knew that they looked familiar like the stories my mother told me.

It seemed as though something was pulling me closer to them. I asked them, “What’s wrong?”

They shook their heads and ordered me to leave. I ignored them and tried to help them. They grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to the ground. I didn’t escape or fight but listened to them. I was glad of what they spoke and ventured into the woods for them. When I returned, they smiled at one another and looked beyond. I knew something was up. I could barely see them. Within me, I could feel their hearts racing toward me. They had a great desire for me that I knew not what.

I turned around as I heard something. The shadows opened up and I saw more of them. They threw themselves on me. I didn’t even argue. I told myself. I was doing the right thing. I thought my mother would be proud of me but I was wrong. She would have been mortified if she knew what I had done. Her only son was gone.

Now I knew my masters desired only my strength. I fell into the greatest pit of all. I knew I would never return back to the light. It felt as if life was a lie but it was I who believed in it. I had thrown my life away.

I pulled myself together and covered myself with the old broken bark and fallen leaves. I stared at the pit. I tried once again like many a day to escape. I crawled up the walls only to tumble back down. No noise came from my masters. I believed that I was safe for now. I jumped up and grabbed the roots of the trees above. Pulling myself up, I left my tomb and explored the woods looking for the horizon and hoping to see my mother again.

Many times, I thought I saw the light of the horizon. Within seconds of seeing it, I would disappear and be pulled back into my cradle of doom. My masters would torture me. Chains that brought only hatred to myself. Years I tried to escape the sufferings that I made for myself, but none came close.

I had just received news by my night howler that dawn was soon upon us. I ached for the longing of my beloved. Hoping that today would be the day I would meet her. I had tried several times but none were successful. The wind blew my long grey hair toward the crooked trees. Owls hooted their last messages to their loved ones. The wolves rustled through the leaves. They chased the last prey of the night before returning to their dark pit. I knew that time never stopped even when the first shimmer of light arose.

I walked past the bubbling streams and twisted nightmares. I looked up and my heart jumped for joy as I saw the sunrise. I ran with hope in my heart. Trees fell to the ground as I passed them. I finally had entered the light. I stopped as I looked down. I was withering away once again. I begged him to see her. I ran and tumbled to the ground. My heart mourned as I disappeared.

My eyes rose as I looked up. Someone had placed its hand on mine. My eyes sparkled as it was she, the morning. She lifted me up from the bottomless pit. My hands shivered and I was ashamed. I looked down to the ground and stared at her feet. I wore black rags and a robe not worthy of a king. I envied her clothing. She wore clothing that would have been praised among the highest. She wore a seamless dress of new spread leaves. Her hair was like the dawn. Fresh dewdrops formed her adornments. She wore newly picked daisies around about her head. I hated myself and wished I never came.

She lifted my head up with her woundless hands and smiled. Her smile could make the day last a lifetime. I wanted to kiss her. She placed her hand on my heart. I tried to pull her close to me but I knew my life was coming to an end. It would be meaningless. Why would anyone care for a monster that I am?

She swirled around about me. I watched as buds arose from the ground. She waved to me asking me to follow her. I backed away knowing that light was against me. She ran toward me and swirled me about. I pulled back and shook my head. She was confused and walked toward me. I turned and ran.

I turned my head toward the horizon and she looked at me. Tears fell from her sweet tender face and she danced no more. She smiled at me and I frowned back. She asked me once again. Instead of replying, I ignored her. The one mistake I regret. I turned back to my pit of misery. Back to the tomb I once called home.

My Life in Books Tag

My Life in Books Tag

Welcome back to another day of book tags. This week, I am doing the My Life in Books Tag. It is from Emily May from Booktube. 

Question 1: Find a book for each of your initials

S-Shakespeare Sonnets

K- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

H- Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince by J.K. Rowling (favorite from the series)

Question 2: Count your age on your bookshelf: What book is it?

Rangers of Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan Great series if you enjoy Lord of the Rings.

Image result for rangers apprentice book 1

Question 3: Pick a book set in your city/country

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell A thick book I plan on reading. The setting is during the Civil War and Reconstruction in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Image result for gone with the wind book

Question 4: Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

The Lord of The Rings Series by Tolkien. Technically it’s from movies but New Zealand. Please, I want to travel like the Fellowship of the Ring.

Image result for lotr book

Question 5: Pick a book that’s your favorite color

The Twin Arrows by Kate Willis Really any book that has a blue cover. Yes, please.

Image result for the twin arrows by kate willis

Question 6: Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. I recently reread this. A childhood favorite.

Image result for caddie woodlawn

Question 7: Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

Les Miserable by Victor Hugo Although I didn’t read daily, it still took seven months to finish it.

Image result for les miserables book

Question 8: Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy I am currently read this so it would not be in this category.

Image result for war and peace book

Five Great Dialogues of Plato

Image result for Five Great Dialogues of Plato

Comment below if you have read any of this books. See ya for a new book tag next week.



If I Had a Royal Wardrobe


Hope anyone is having a good week so far. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This month has gone so fast.

I am given the honor to be part of Livy’s book blog tour. She recently published Regal Hearts which I plan sometime soon to write a book review.

Regal hearts can be found on Amazon.

Links here:



Who Olivia is: She is a twenty-something author, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys crafting YA Christian fiction that is pure, lovely, inspirational, and of course, entertaining!  When She is not writing, you can usually find her playing guitar, blogging, drinking peppermint tea, connecting with new friends, planning her next trip to Disney, or pinning images of Europe and Golden Retriever Puppies.

Her social media:

 The topic I choose for her blog tour is  If I Had a Royal Wardrobe. My fashion style would be boho, casual, and boho chic.  Let’s begin:
  • Fedoras. For some reason, I am drawn by them besides the fact that I never tried one on.
  • Heels. For one, I don’t own a single one. Not much of a thin heel, I thinking about buying chunky heels. Either way probably safer for my clumsy self. 🙂
  • Overalls/Overall Dress. I miss wearing overalls and I think an overall dress would be quite cute.
  • Solid colored dresses (any color
  • Colored ankle boots (blue, maroon, black)
  • Turtlenecks. I might be that one weirdo who actually likes them.
  • A few modest cute swimsuits
  • Gladiator sandals because who doesn’t want to look like a Roman. XD
  • A black laced vintage tea length dress
  • Booknerd inspired jewelry (LOTR,  HP)
  • Boho jewelry (rings, earrings, etc)
  • A march band jacket. It has a steampunk vibe to it.
  • Oxfords
  • Beanie
  • Elf shaped earrings
  • Cowgirl Boots
  • Lace skirt/dress

This basically covers it. Remember to buy her new book. Comment below what your fashion style is. See ya next time. Bye. 🙂

Bookworm problems

  1. When you decide to only buy one book and almost buy half the store.
  2. Or when you debate if you should get one book from the library but get more than two.
  3. When it is already late but you want to read “one more chapter.” Then you realize you read the whole book and its around 2am in the morning.
  4. When you promise yourself to be more responsible. Then you pass a bookstore and forget responsibility.
  5. When you are so broken, that you drool over books and wait impatiently for book money.
  6. When your relationship status is a fictional boyfriend.
  7. When your weekends are always booked.
  8. All your free time is devoted to reading.
  9. When none of your friends obsess over books like you do.
  10. When you really want to visit somewhere but that place is fictional.
  11. You may be that person who always quotes books.
  12. When someone loves the movies but has never read the books.
  13. Always watching book adaption movies and counting all the mistakes.
  14. Wishing reading could be considered a sport.
  15. When you see a book spoiler online and it ruins everything for you.
  16. When someone decides to interrupt you while as you are reading.
  17. Naming your future children after your favorite fictional characters.
  18. Hoping one day to have your own personal library room.
  19. When you have no room on your bookshelf, but decide to buy more books.
  20. When you have more books than clothes.
  21. When you finish a book series and you wish only to die.
  22. When you have more than hundred books on your to read and wonder if you could read them all in your lifetime.
  23. Debating if you should have a book themed wedding.
  24. Buying any book merchandise.
  25. When you want a sequel to a book, but the author is dead.
  26. When you already have a list of book recommendations for your friends.
  27. Always daydreaming about the book you are currently reading.
  28. The feeling when you return after a long day and finally are able to read your book.
  29. Continuously posting bookish posts on social media.
  30. Always having a book in your purse.
  31. Reading everywhere from car, bed, plane, etc.
  32. When people ask you what is your favorite book.
  33. Finding friends who enjoy reading as much as you do.
  34. When you want to have a boyfriend who takes you on bookstore dates.
  35. When anything can be used as a bookmark.
  36. When you have to wait for years for a book sequel.
  37. When you want to met all your favorite authors.
  38. Losing your place in a book.
  39. Laughing or crying over a book in public.
  40. Having a room big enough for your books.
  41. When the movie cover is the book cover.
  42. Always picturing yourself as the main character.
  43. Pulling out a book during a social gathering.
  44. The feeling after reading a crushing ending.
  45. Prefer books to roses.
  46. Wishing to stay overnight at a library or a bookstore.
  47. The feeling when someone wants to borrow your book. And you are afraid you will never getting it back.
  48. Going outside means bringing a book.
  49. Debating what book to read next.
  50. Questioning yourself after reading several books at once.
  51. When a book changes your perspective of the world.
  52. When the characters ruin the plot of the story. Vise versa.
  53. Already choosing the actors for your favorite book.
  54. Finding the perfect reading position.
  55. Smelling books.
  56. Wanting to write your own book.
  57. Reading fan fiction.
  58. Wanting to visit libraries all over the world.
  59. When you start liking a character and then that character dies.
  60. When a fictional character reminds you of someone you know.
  61. Neck and back pain when reading a book.
  62. Wishing book series could last forever. So that you don’t miss the fictional characters.
  63. When people dislike the book you love.
  64. When you make up a character’s name because you can’t pronounce it.
  65. When you have to stopping reading to eat and sleep.
  66. Being careful not to rip or get stains on your books.
  67. When you don’t want to read any of the books you already own.
  68. When people think you are becoming quite insane with books.
  69. When you buy books but all them you already read.
  70. Telling yourself to read a classic book so you don’t feel guilty.
  71. All your expectations for anything comes from books.
  72. Always organizing your books.
  73.  Always questioning people who don’t read.
  74. Wanting to start a book club.
  75. Waiting to get free copies of books so you can review them.
  76. Purchasing the paperback because the hardback costs a fortune.
  77. Making weird expressions while reading.
  78. Forgetting that sometimes you have to go back to the real world.
  79. Wondering if you should abandon a book when it gets too boring.
  80. When you are reading an ebook and battery decides to die.
  81. Wanting to read all the books in the world.
  82. When there are new book covers and old ones are hard to find.
  83. When you are reading and the title finally makes sense.
  84. When you realize how many books you own.
  85. Starting a new series when you have too many to finish.
  86. When a book makes your day.
  87. Protecting your books at all cost.
  88. Questioning your reading habits.
  89. Having more books than friends.
  90. Talking to your siblings about books.
  91. Wondering if you need help with your book addiction.
  92. Forgetting what day, year, or time when finishing a book.
  93. Using your books as self defense.
  94. When you enter a book fandom.
  95. Reading past your bedtime.
  96. Trying to avoid the topic of why you love reading.
  97. Wishing you could read in the dark.
  98. Sleeping with your books.
  99. Trying not to give out book spoilers.
  100. Excited when your friend decide to read a book you recommended.

And there you have it. Hundred problems for a bookworm. If you think I forgot one, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Literary Dinner Party Tag

1. One Character Who Likes To Cook: I choose Samwise Gamgee because who doesn’t love potatoes. XD

What LOTR fan can't resist the song they made about this? My Favorite part!!

2. One Character Who Has Money To Fund The Party: I loved reading The Selection by Kiera Cass so I choose Prince Maxon. He is royalty which means he has money.

Image result for gifs money

3.One Character Who Might Cause a Scene:  I recently finished reading The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find. I can honestly see Newt Scamander causing a scene if one of his creatures in his case escaped. It would hilarious but devastating for the rest of the party.

fantastic beasts, newt scamander, and eddie redmayne image

4. One Character Who Is Funny/Amusing: One of my favorite Harry Potter female characters is Luna Lovegood. She is so quirky and smart.

Potter Frenchy Party - Une fête chez Harry Potter: Travaux pratiques : les Lorgnospectres de Luna Lov...

5. One Character Who Is Super Social/Popular: Some would not consider Cisco Ramon (The Flash) as a social butterfly or popular. I would just invite him because he knows the best fictional references. Or because he is my favorite character out of the show.

Appreciate Cisco Ramon everyone! | Community Post: 24 Times Cisco Ramon From

6. One Villain: Although she is not like this in the books, I choose Morgana from Merlin. She is powerful, confident, and loyal. Besides I need another woman in the party so I am not overwhelmed by boys.

Katie McGrath (Morgana Le Fay)

7. One Couple (doesn’t have to be romantic): I am a Tolkien addict. My life is Tolkien based. I love Middle Earth. I would invite Faramir and Eowyn because they are favorite OTP (One True Pairing).

One of the most beautiful lines in the book. I have ALWAYS loved the two of them. After all that Faramir went through, and all the friendzoning Aragorn did to Eowyn, I was always so glad they found each other.

8. One Hero/Heroine: Narina has been a big part of my life. I would choose Aslan since he does represent Christ. He would be a important person to listen to in a conversation.

Favorite quote. Possibly ever but for sure from the Narnian series.

9. One Under appreciated Character: The antihero of Harry Potter is Severus Snape. I have always liked Snape. He promised to protect the students during the battle of Hogwarts. He is the Half-Blooded Prince. He would be a nice addition to the party.

Severus Snape

10. A Character of Your Own Choosing: I would invite Mr. Darcy because who doesn’t like him. 🙂 Mr. Darcy and Snape would have deep conversations with one another.  Besides Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite Jane Austen books.

Colin Firth - Pride and Prejudice, 1995 | The Definitive Ranking Of Actors Who Have Played Mr Darcy

Thanks for reading my blog. See ya next week for a new book tag.

From yours truly,


The Newbie Book Blog Tag


I am so excited to introduce you to my new blog.  If you didn’t see on my About page, there will a new book tag every week. Let’s go.
Question 1: Why did you start this blog?
I really want to express my love of books, wanderlust, nature, and Lord Jesus Christ. I want to inspire the world with my words.
Question 2: What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?
I plan on writing book reviews, book tags, book recipes, and book inspired outfits. Creating challenges every month for myself and others.
Question 3: What are you most excited about this new blog?
To make new friends who love as much as reading and fangirling as I do.
Question 4: Why do you love reading?
Takes me away to a safe haven. Brings me on a new adventure when traveling is expensive. The free pass of experiencing something new.
Question 5: What book or series got you into reading?
I wasn’t really a big reader when I was younger. I usually read Nancy Drew or American Girl Dolls series. The real question is what book brought the love of reading back into my life? The answer would be the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan. I was taking an Ancient Literature class in High school. Most of the students there made reference to this series. Of course, I felt awkward being one of the few who had no idea what they were talking about. So finally after the long process of begging from a close friend. I decided to read the series. Thus my passion for books exploded.
Question 6: What questions would you ask your favorite authors?
Sadly for me, all my favorite authors are dead. C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Homer, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen. If anything I wouldn’t ask questions. I would rather talk about anything to everything over a cup of tea or coffee.
Question 7: What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?
Keeping up with my schedule of blogging. Finding new ideas to make my blog more unique.
Question 8: When did you start reading?
I learned to read when I was five years so, yeah. Question 5 is more in detailed.
Question 9: Where do you read?
I can usually read anywhere. From bed, car rides, at someone’s house.
Question 10: What kind of books do you like to read?
I like any genre of books. I usual prefer adventure than romance. Here is a list of my favorite genres:
Christian fiction, Classics, Historial, Fanasty, and Nonfiction
Comment below what your favorite book is, I would love to know.