The story itself symbolize the journey of falling into sin and the difficulty of getting out of it.


When the world corrupts your being and all is lost in the world. A story of what the world can do to a person. A flash fiction for my novel, Lynn
Home is a collection of poems consisting of the inner thoughts of the soul, prayers, and praises to the One we call Father.
They told me it wouldn’t hurt. They told me the sadness wouldn’t cause hallucinations. I lost everything in seconds. This collection of works showcases my inner struggle to heal, the first roots for my love of writing, and how I looked back to the Savior I needed and loved.
The confessions of a twenty-something girl who expresses the truth in a world full of wickedness. An nonfiction book

Crown of Scales: Publishing plans: Feb. 2020

From the fields of wheat to the Valcendren mountains, Valcendren is land of untold mysteries. But one mystery is coming to life. A creature that will divide the lands apart and bring darkness. Centuries have passed and the black curse have plagued the lands of Cendren. People believe that this curse will never lift up but that day will soon be upon them. 

Days before the largest event of Princess Odessa’s life, a dark past raises its head and shatters her heart. That past may cost her own life. Will she overcome the obstacle the High King places before her? Or will she lose control and become the monster she fears?