How to impress a girl

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I decided to give you advice on how to impress a girl. Share this with all dudes.  It’s for your safety,men.

1) Please don’t call a girl hot. She is not a temperature. She is human. Show some respect.

2) Girls have to be modest. Doesn’t mean you have to be immodest. Be modest in your clothing choices.

3) When talking to a girl, don’t talk about yourself. Let her know that you care about her needs too.

4) Don’t be afraid to talk with the girl’s friends. Even if what they are talking about makes no sense.

5) Be respectful to other people.

6) Don’t be ugly to other people in front of her.

7) Use common sense.

8) If you think you are going to have a future with a girl, show her that you can handle kids. Hang out with kids.

9) Be honest. Please if you like her, tell her. Please. I am begging you.

10) Whatever you do, don’t respond negatively if a girl asks you, “Do I look fat in his dress?” or “Do I look pretty” or whatever. Unless you really want your eyeballs to be scratched out.

11) Never compare women with other women. If you do, you can say goodbye to that girl.

12) Never ever talk about your ex, or girls you used to like. Just don’t go there.

13) Finally never, ever, never, ever, etc. Tell a girl that she dresses like your mom. Not to be rude but just don’t do it. Or you can say goodbye forever.

Thanks for reading!




Advice for New Teens

The day has already come and you are now a teenager. You are so happy. No longer are you called a “kid.” You are so excited because all the expectations of a teenager are spinning in your head. Then bam, reality hits in and you are thrown into a black hole of the unknown. Where pimples or acne begin to pop up. Where makeup slowly journeys to your life as a new obsession (if you are a girl).When you experience growth spurts of any kind. Where crushes begin to form. The awkward stage of life. Still deciding whether or not to hang out with the younger crowd or the older crowd.

Hi, I been there. I know the struggle and you are not alone. Here is advice for all teens.

  • Confidence. You laugh now but there will be times in life especially in the teens that all self-confidence disappears. When you look at society guidelines for the image of a man or woman. A flat stomach, abs, tiny waist, big butt, no facial fat. No fatty thighs, etc. You hate yourself. Where eating disorders and self-harm sometimes occur. Be yourself. Don’t care what the world thinks.

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  •  Make friends. I am introvert so friends are a bit difficult to find. Several years after becoming a teen, I actually created a circle of friends.  So I suck at this advice. Find a group that is the same age as you. Start with small talk and work your way up.
  • Dating. So I never dated when I was a teen. First reason, it’s a distraction especially when you need to be focusing on school.  Things can happen that change your life. Today we see girls getting pregnant during middle school and highschool.  It just got real. Many people will disagree with me. But I am just warning you.
  • School. Life begins to get crazy from middle school to highschool. Getting bad grades because you didn’t you your time right. I am guilty of procantising to never last day. Its not good.  Please do your school. Just don’t lazy about it. It still necessary in your life. You need those grades to go to college or find a job.  Education is important without how is one to do life? Hmm.
  • Parents. Teens years is not to rebel or go against wishes. Respect them.  You will thank me later.
  • Take care of yourself. Brush your teeth. Wash your hair. Keep your hygiene. Don’t become a couch potato.


Any advice I forget? Tell me in the comments below.