What every girl needs for a camping trip

When I was younger, my family would go camping all the time. But now that my family has grown and that we moved to the country. Our backyard is a camping ground itself.

Lets begin:

  1. Food and snacks (of course, food)
  2. Swimwear (two piece or one piece) I would pack two pairs just in case.
  3. Rain jacket
  4. Hoodie (Even if it is in the dead of summer)
  5. Several pairs of sport bras
  6. Several pairs of underwear
  7. 3 pairs of pants (yoga, jeans, shorts, etc)
  8. Some t-shirts and long sleeves
  9. Some tank tops
  10. Extras: toothbrush, brush, hair ties, shampoo, etc
  11. Shoes: Tevas, flip flops, hiking boots (running shoes)
  12. A Towel
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Flashlight/batteries
  15. Robe
  16. Tent (of course)
  17. Sleeping Bag
  18. A Pillow
  19. A blanket
  20. Bug repellent
  21. A camera
  22.  Two Pairs of PJs.
  23. A backpack of course maybe two.
  24. Cash
  25. Some music for the trip
  26. A book(s)
  27. Appliances (Pots, Pans, Silverware, Paper bowls, paper plates, etc)

If there is anything I missed, comment below. Also comment below your favorite memory going camping.