Top Reads & Books of 2019

It’s 2020!! Enjoy, a recap of 2019… Top Reads: Sons of Slaughter by Brian Mcbride Love and the Sea and Everything in Between by Brian Mcbride Every Bright and Broken Thing by Brian Mcbride The Cricket and The Bird by S. M. Creanza The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck Seek by Angela Watts Romanov byContinue reading “Top Reads & Books of 2019”

Current Favorite Songs

Welcome back, owlnerds. So this blog post is not book based but since I am currently clueless about what to write. Might as well, do a lifestyle post. As seen in the title, I will listing my current favorite songs. I currently listen to rock, pop, country, soul, and Christian. Enjoy the music recommendations. CommentContinue reading “Current Favorite Songs”

The plague of wanderlust

Have you experienced that great urge to travel? Imagining your toes between the sands of a foreign beach? Ziplining through the forbidden jungle? I know I can’t be the only one. The only problem is that you are broke. Or have no idea where to begin? Me, too. Since I have no idea where toContinue reading “The plague of wanderlust”