Valentines Day

The dreaded month is here. February, the month of love. February 14th where single people hide in the shadows avoiding all stores, restaurants, movies, and any place really. Where people get engaged, where weddings happen, where relationships begin. Oh, this thing we call love. We honestly hate that day. Why? It really is a holiday to separate the singles and couples.

Me: Just another day…

Person: Happy Valentine’s day!

Me: *facepalm* Dang it. I forgot its Valentine’s day.


Person: So how are you celebrating Valentine’s day?

Me: At home

Person: With your boyfriend?

Me: No.

Person: I thought you had a boyfriend.

Me: Nope, rocking that single life.

That example was cliche but I am sure someone has been asked this.

This video just made my day.

My plan for Valentine’s day is to avoid all human interaction. Stay at home and do normal stuff. (writing, reading, Netflix)

Do you like Valentine’s Day and what are you going to do to celebrate the day?