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Fiona’s Hero Part Three

Welcome back back, owlnerds! Enjoy Part Three: The Argument

Flipping on the living room lights, I headed toward the kitchen. With piles of dishes in the sink, I ignore the mess and open our stainless steel refrigerator. Opening the bottom drawers, I pulled out an apple and a string of cheese. Shutting refrigerator door, I rolled my eyes.

Mom had placed both of her hands on both of the counters so I couldn’t get out. “Fiona, please don’t blame God. Your father wouldn’t want you to act like this.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Like what, mom? How can I be normal when my father dies? People say the grief will pass. It’s a lie. How can they know anything? All the people who tell me this, have never lost anyone.”

Tears dripped down my mother’s face as she placed her hands off the counter.

Racing past her as I opened my bedroom door.

My room was like an average bedroom with a bed in the middle under the window. My white wooden desk on the right and my night table on the other side. The bathroom stood on the left side of the room. Falling flat on the bed as I pull a pillow off and hug it. Slowly my eyes shut and I pass out.

My eyes widened as sweat paced down my neck. Shifting my head, I realize what I was seeing was just a dream. Sitting up as I rubbed the back of my neck. It was a dream, I tell myself. Dad is gone, the shooters are not coming to get you. Just breathe. Removing the sheet of my sweating body, my eyes turn toward my nightstand where my father’s bible sat there. Turning my head, I jump off my bed and into the bathroom. I strip down, turned the hot water on and dip in. Steam fills the air as I begin scrubbing my head with lavender shampoo. My ears perk up as I hear something.

“Come on, Melinda, Let’s surprise Fiona.”

“Kenneth, you can’t surprise her if you are not whispering.”

Tears drip down my face as I remember the exact moment in time that conversation had happened. It was the morning of my sixteen birthday I just woke up because of my “whispering” to my mom. Crouching down as I curled my hands around my knees as I ignored the fact that my skin began to burn bright red as the water continued to run. “Papa, why did you die? I should be taken your place. You never deserve to die.”

Fiona’s Hero Part Two

Hello, owlnerds. Here is the part two of Fiona’s Hero. Enjoy!

The Drive Home

The honking of car made me turn quickly. A car had slowed down in front as the passenger’s window rolled down. A older woman around her forties with dark brunette hair with olive eyes smiled at me. “What have you being doing? When I saw that you weren’t on the bus, I started to get nervous.”

I rolled my eyes. “Mom, I’m fine.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Where is your backpack?”

“I lost it.”

“Lost it, Fiona how could you have lost it?”

I opened the passenger door as I slipped in. “Charles Avery, thats who.”

Releasing her foot off the brake, she continued to drive north. “Charles Avery, maybe I should talk to his mother.”

Lifting my feet on the car’s dashboard, I turn my head towards my mother. “Please, don’t. At least he didn’t get to my wallet or phone.”

She turned her blinker on as she turned left on Elite Street. “Well either way I am going to talk to Mrs. Avery besides how is school going?”

“I would say great but that’s not true. I failed my math exam, lost my science essay, and was called into the principal office.”

Turning her car on our driveway, she stopped the car and turned her head toward me. “Principal’s office?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know I couldn’t play hooky for English class.”

“Why did you skip class?”

I raised my hands in the air. “I didn’t make my big presentation. How can I make a presentation where I can’t bring the person part of it is dead. Hmm, mom. What am I going do?”

My mom lend forward and squeezed my hand. “Fiona, I hope you are not blaming Him for this?”

“Maybe I am. He would have been a life if there was no shooting.”

“Fiona, you can’t believe that.”

Unbuckling myself, I opened the door. “I am, mom. I am.” Tears dripped down my face as I walked toward our white town house front door. Pressing down the correct combination, the door unlocks as I head inside.

The Secret of The Moon

Welcome back, owlnerds. For this blog post, I decided to share an old story I wrote a few years back. And since fall is just around the corner. What better way to enjoy the coming of fall is to read a gothic story. Please enjoy!

The trees trembled as the wind whistled in the shadowy night. The lights beamed the path as the car lead me until smoke captured the engine and the vehicle stopped. I stepped out of the car and lifted up the hood. I coughed and couldn’t grasp the problem. I looked around at my surroundings but the road was dark and fearsome. I walked, at least, a mile when I saw a light from the distance. I couldn’t quite see what it was but I ventured to it for the night sky made me tremble.

The door creaked as I opened the door. At the corner of the room, I saw a candlelight flicker but no one was there. Was this home abandoned? No. It couldn’t. Could it?

From out of nowhere, a man stood in front of me and it caused me to jump back and I almost tumbled to the ground. The man grabbed my hand and helped up to my feet. Just before he released his hand off my mine. I saw that his man was covered in hair. Or was it fur?

I asked the man if there were any rooms that were a vacancy and he led me to a room. He shut the door behind him and I heard a click as the floor creaked as he left me.

I lead myself to the bed which was not the best of shape with only rags to comfort me. I crashed into asleep but suddenly I heard growling. I trembled and hide but I knew that would not make the noise disappear. With bare feet, I tried to open the bedroom door but it was locked. I knocked and the door and called for help but no one seemed to hear me. I opened the curtains and tried to open them but they also were locked. I tried to look at the surrounding of the house but saw nothing. Until I came across a figure just off on a hill, a few miles away from the house. As I looked closer, the figure was sitting on its hind legs and singing to the moon. I saw the moon brighter than usual. It was a blood moon and as the figure turned around I saw the figure’s eyes. The eyes were glimmering with red as blood and the body appearance was actually like the man from the house.

My heart began to beat faster and faster. I trembled and knew he was coming to eat me. I heard the front door crash and the house began to creak louder and louder. I was motionless as I felt as though these were my last moments. My bedroom door clicked again as it unlocked, the man came in.  He smiled a smile with evil in his grin. His teeth were not human teeth but wolf teeth. Blood dripped from his fangs and he growled a silent growl. I tried to move but it felt like my feet were glued to the floor.

Under my breath, I said, “Werewolf.”

The man growled louder and believed that my whisper was quite louder than I expected it to be. Just as the werewolf leaped upon me. I cried out. I threw the sheets off me and threw the door open. I ran but fell upon someone.

“Honey.. what wrong did you have a bad dream?”

I didn’t speak but hugged the person and wept.


Jamie’s Clover: A Short Story

Bonus blog post this week. :)I decided to write this story to help me get passed a slow scene in my current WIP. The synopsis of the story: A single father. A bear and a curious child.

This story took me around three days to write Enjoy reading it. Hopefully soon,  I should have another short story I plan on sharing.

The sweet smell of pines needles blew from the north as little Jamie was busy sitting in the tall grass of the national reserve of Westcross. His fingers gripped the dirt as it slipped into the sleeves of his camo hoodie.

His father was just a few yards away from finishing his shift as a park ranger. With one of his hands on the radio, he called out to another co-worker informing him of a sighting of a grizzly bear near the north entrance of the park. “This is Ranger Riley. Over.”

The receiver replied. “Yes, what is the emergency?”

“We have a code red. A sighting of a bear near the north entrance. Over.”

“When was it last seen?”

“An hour ago.”

“Calling backup. Over.”

Riley’s head turned as he checked on his little boy, smiling he placed his radio down and walked toward him. Lifting him as his little cowboy boots kicked, trying to escape his father’s grip.

Jamie whined begging to be released. “Dada, please.” Waving his hand out toward the grass.

Riley bent down as he kissed Jamie’s head. Placing Jamie down, he grabbed his hand.

Jamie pulled the opposite direction toward the woods. Refusing to go with his father.

Riley carried him as he turned his head constantly. The sight of the bear shook his spine. A bear was a rare occurrence in Westcross. Westcross was a small suburban town just outside of Savannah, GA. The heat from the Georgia coast was no place for a bear. The real question was how it ventured so far from the Appalachian mountains.

His heart raced as he heard a large thud. His body turned as he saw a large branch fall from a nearby tree. “Jamie?”

But Jamie was gone.

“Jamie?” He kneeled down as pulled apart the tall grass but there was nothing. Both of his hands placed at the top of his temple as tears fell down his face. “Jamie.” His hand trembled as he grabbed the radio and turned on the light. “Riley over.”

“Any news?”

“No, but Jamie is gone.”

“Gone, like gone?”

“Yes, gone. I had him a minute ago and now he disappeared.”

“Ok, I am coming as soon as possible. Just don’t freak out.”


His boots stepped through the grass as his eyes were memorized by the tall trees. Reaching out as he tried to grab the blackberries that glistened in the sun. A cry squirmed out of his mouth as a thorn pinched his flesh. Blood dripped down his finger as his eyes began to water. His whimpering stopped as something else caught his eye. A brown creature rubbed against a tree as its nose lifted up. Walking toward Jamie, it turned to a blackberry bush.

“Bear,” Jamie said as he pointed at it.

The bear was clueless that Jamie was there. Caring less about the child’s appearance and more interested in the berries that would heal his cravings.  


Riley and other park rangers began to scan the forest floor as each called out Jamie’s name. “Jamie.”

Riley pulled through his hair as he breathed heavily. He had already lost his wife to cancer. The last thing he need was to lose the only thing that kept her memory alive. His ears perked up as he heard someone call out Jamie’s name. Sweat paced down his neck as he ran toward the voice. He breathed heavily as tears dripped down his face.  

Jamie sat in the grass in front of the wild blackberry bushes. Patting the grass clueless of his father behind him. Or that he was missing in the first place.

Riley scooped Jamie up and kissed his forehead. “Oh, Jamie, I thought I lost you.”

Jamie giggled. “Dada, look.”

Riley looked down and noticed Jamie was holding a four leaf clover. He kissed him again on the forehead. “Oh, Jamie you are my four left clover.”


Mortified: A Short Story


A while ago, I wrote a short story using symbolism. The story itself symbolize the journey of falling into sin and the difficulty of getting out of it.

The title of my short story is called: Mortified

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it. I would greatly appreciate it.


The clouds swirled around about me as I could hear the radiation of the surface bubbling up. I groaned as my back cracked. My body felt as though it was melting away. Blood was my only comfort. Many times had I thrown myself to the ground of this prison. I could feel the anguish of my broken heart. I regretted every second of the day because of my foolish act. How could I be so stupid of being part of a wicked act? They lied to me and swore to me that I was doing the right thing.

I laid on my back and staring at the darkness that still compassed me about. My nostrils widened as I could smell the misty rugged air above and my masters’ dinner of old rotten flesh. I ached for my freedom but I knew I could never find it. I ripped every shred of clothing of mine and tore it like an animal. I questioned myself that if these years of suffering have caused me to transform into a monster. My mouth widened as blood dripped down my body. The old scars of torture had returned once again.

The day I was captured, was like no other day. Curly black rags dangled down my head. My cheeky behavior was usual for young boys. My poor old mother would never understand. I always doubted my mother’s stories and warnings in life. Believing in my stubborn heart. I was soon able to escape my mother’s rattling tongue. She had continually told me of a book that my father read to me. I hated that book but now I wished I knew about it more than ever before.

The door creaked and could see the light and smell the sweet scent of the sleepy sun. I didn’t turn back and ran into the woods. My mother wished nothing else than her only son to disappear into the woods. I had believed that my mother would never find out because of her recent amnesia. I guessed wrong. The day I got captured. I could hear the ravens crying out in the distance. I could also hear my mother moaning for her dear son. Aching for her child’s innocent body. She would never see me again. Fearing the woods and all the secrets within.

I was pierced by sheer curiosity as I continued to explore the dark woods. The treetops were dark and broody. I could feel the curses my mother told me. The air divided by light and darkness. As the sun disappeared, I only hoped that the lightning bugs would help me. My heart sank because I could hear the creatures of night howling their first hunting cry. I would never return homeward. Too afraid for my own life.

I stumbled over something and fell to the ground. Crawling by my knees, I felt something rough and rigid. I wiped the dirt away from the ground. I gasped and realized that I fell over a tombstone. I could hear the rustling of trees and a screech of owls in the distance. I remembered how my mother spoke of the curses of this land. She would be right with this noise and this place. A graveyard was sheer sign of death.

I was about to run from it but stopped as I hear someone or something weeping in the distance. My eyes could barely see as the place was pitch black. All the bugs of light disappeared and wished no part of helping me. I used my ears and feet to find the person. I stopped at the entrance of a tomb. I saw two pairs of glowing red eyes. My spine shivered and I knew that they looked familiar like the stories my mother told me.

It seemed as though something was pulling me closer to them. I asked them, “What’s wrong?”

They shook their heads and ordered me to leave. I ignored them and tried to help them. They grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to the ground. I didn’t escape or fight but listened to them. I was glad of what they spoke and ventured into the woods for them. When I returned, they smiled at one another and looked beyond. I knew something was up. I could barely see them. Within me, I could feel their hearts racing toward me. They had a great desire for me that I knew not what.

I turned around as I heard something. The shadows opened up and I saw more of them. They threw themselves on me. I didn’t even argue. I told myself. I was doing the right thing. I thought my mother would be proud of me but I was wrong. She would have been mortified if she knew what I had done. Her only son was gone.

Now I knew my masters desired only my strength. I fell into the greatest pit of all. I knew I would never return back to the light. It felt as if life was a lie but it was I who believed in it. I had thrown my life away.

I pulled myself together and covered myself with the old broken bark and fallen leaves. I stared at the pit. I tried once again like many a day to escape. I crawled up the walls only to tumble back down. No noise came from my masters. I believed that I was safe for now. I jumped up and grabbed the roots of the trees above. Pulling myself up, I left my tomb and explored the woods looking for the horizon and hoping to see my mother again.

Many times, I thought I saw the light of the horizon. Within seconds of seeing it, I would disappear and be pulled back into my cradle of doom. My masters would torture me. Chains that brought only hatred to myself. Years I tried to escape the sufferings that I made for myself, but none came close.

I had just received news by my night howler that dawn was soon upon us. I ached for the longing of my beloved. Hoping that today would be the day I would meet her. I had tried several times but none were successful. The wind blew my long grey hair toward the crooked trees. Owls hooted their last messages to their loved ones. The wolves rustled through the leaves. They chased the last prey of the night before returning to their dark pit. I knew that time never stopped even when the first shimmer of light arose.

I walked past the bubbling streams and twisted nightmares. I looked up and my heart jumped for joy as I saw the sunrise. I ran with hope in my heart. Trees fell to the ground as I passed them. I finally had entered the light. I stopped as I looked down. I was withering away once again. I begged him to see her. I ran and tumbled to the ground. My heart mourned as I disappeared.

My eyes rose as I looked up. Someone had placed its hand on mine. My eyes sparkled as it was she, the morning. She lifted me up from the bottomless pit. My hands shivered and I was ashamed. I looked down to the ground and stared at her feet. I wore black rags and a robe not worthy of a king. I envied her clothing. She wore clothing that would have been praised among the highest. She wore a seamless dress of new spread leaves. Her hair was like the dawn. Fresh dewdrops formed her adornments. She wore newly picked daisies around about her head. I hated myself and wished I never came.

She lifted my head up with her woundless hands and smiled. Her smile could make the day last a lifetime. I wanted to kiss her. She placed her hand on my heart. I tried to pull her close to me but I knew my life was coming to an end. It would be meaningless. Why would anyone care for a monster that I am?

She swirled around about me. I watched as buds arose from the ground. She waved to me asking me to follow her. I backed away knowing that light was against me. She ran toward me and swirled me about. I pulled back and shook my head. She was confused and walked toward me. I turned and ran.

I turned my head toward the horizon and she looked at me. Tears fell from her sweet tender face and she danced no more. She smiled at me and I frowned back. She asked me once again. Instead of replying, I ignored her. The one mistake I regret. I turned back to my pit of misery. Back to the tomb I once called home.