You are sitting there alone with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Then all of a sudden, someone lends over to you and examines what you are doing.  “Hey, why are you sitting alone? I thought you said you are going on a date.”

You laugh at yourself. Date? Who said anything about a date? You shake your head as you place your cup on the table in front of you. “No, you must be talking about my other friend.”

Have you ever been questioned about your singleness? I have.

When you have a family get together and your grandparents wonder why you are not courting/dating. The thought drives you crazy. You are not alone in this matter.

When the people you hang out are soon to be married. You feel like a third wheel.

But we should not confine on what they speak of. We should be working on our calling. Writing, accounting, engineering, etc.

Before we even start fixing our social status, we should first start by getting close to God. Read in His Word. Mediate on it. Trust in Him. We can’t do anything without having full trust in Him.

Good advice to single girls: "Get close to God first, before getting close to anyone else. God without a man is still God, but a man without God is nothing." ❤️

Singleness isn't a season to "endure" until marriage, but a season to serve God to the best of our ability. @girldefined

Are you struggling with singleness? I recommend you to watch  Girl Defined on Youtube. Also check out their book.