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Literary Dinner Party Tag

1. One Character Who Likes To Cook: I choose Samwise Gamgee because who doesn’t love potatoes. XD

What LOTR fan can't resist the song they made about this? My Favorite part!!

2. One Character Who Has Money To Fund The Party: I loved reading The Selection by Kiera Cass so I choose Prince Maxon. He is royalty which means he has money.

Image result for gifs money

3.One Character Who Might Cause a Scene:  I recently finished reading The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find. I can honestly see Newt Scamander causing a scene if one of his creatures in his case escaped. It would hilarious but devastating for the rest of the party.

fantastic beasts, newt scamander, and eddie redmayne image

4. One Character Who Is Funny/Amusing: One of my favorite Harry Potter female characters is Luna Lovegood. She is so quirky and smart.

Potter Frenchy Party - Une fête chez Harry Potter: Travaux pratiques : les Lorgnospectres de Luna Lov...

5. One Character Who Is Super Social/Popular: Some would not consider Cisco Ramon (The Flash) as a social butterfly or popular. I would just invite him because he knows the best fictional references. Or because he is my favorite character out of the show.

Appreciate Cisco Ramon everyone! | Community Post: 24 Times Cisco Ramon From

6. One Villain: Although she is not like this in the books, I choose Morgana from Merlin. She is powerful, confident, and loyal. Besides I need another woman in the party so I am not overwhelmed by boys.

Katie McGrath (Morgana Le Fay)

7. One Couple (doesn’t have to be romantic): I am a Tolkien addict. My life is Tolkien based. I love Middle Earth. I would invite Faramir and Eowyn because they are favorite OTP (One True Pairing).

One of the most beautiful lines in the book. I have ALWAYS loved the two of them. After all that Faramir went through, and all the friendzoning Aragorn did to Eowyn, I was always so glad they found each other.

8. One Hero/Heroine: Narina has been a big part of my life. I would choose Aslan since he does represent Christ. He would be a important person to listen to in a conversation.

Favorite quote. Possibly ever but for sure from the Narnian series.

9. One Under appreciated Character: The antihero of Harry Potter is Severus Snape. I have always liked Snape. He promised to protect the students during the battle of Hogwarts. He is the Half-Blooded Prince. He would be a nice addition to the party.

Severus Snape

10. A Character of Your Own Choosing: I would invite Mr. Darcy because who doesn’t like him. 🙂 Mr. Darcy and Snape would have deep conversations with one another.  Besides Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite Jane Austen books.

Colin Firth - Pride and Prejudice, 1995 | The Definitive Ranking Of Actors Who Have Played Mr Darcy

Thanks for reading my blog. See ya next week for a new book tag.

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