NaNoWriMo Tag

Rules Thank the awesome blogger who tagged you! Thank you Esther!!! Link back to the creator of this tag, Sophie @Sophie’s Corner. Feel free to use the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag graphics! Answer the questions. Tag some friends who are also doing NaNo this year. And have fun!!! Questions and Answers: TELL ME ABOUT YOUR NANOWRIMO PROJECTContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Tag”

It’s my Author Name, not my Real Name

Hello. Welcome. This is real so real. Its the truth. My real name is being reveal. Well, technically my first name and last name but you know. So my name is not actually not Sunny Houk. Well, technically its is. Sunny is my nickname and Houk is my mother’s maiden name. It basically is butContinue reading “It’s my Author Name, not my Real Name”

Why my current WIP is not Christian Fiction?

I am a Christian and I don’t label my current WIP as Christian . Here is why.. My story, currently titled Fallen World is not Christian Fiction but does mention God, adoption, and salvation but I do plan on publishing this book traditional and I know for sure the publishers will not label my storyContinue reading “Why my current WIP is not Christian Fiction?”

One of the rawest things I will ever publish

This collection of works, I plan on publishing mid September. The truest and rawest things I have ever written. Poems that showcase my struggles through the years, the loss of a childhood friend , and a family member. A best friend to friend and now to acquaintance. My feelings of breaking free from a crush.Continue reading “One of the rawest things I will ever publish”

Under the Grave: A Poem

Welcome back, owlnerds! I am currently open to blog post ideas. Here is a poem, I wrote a few weeks enjoy! I laid there silent and cold As the world continued on Under the surface of where people walk Talked and embraced Clueless of what will happen next  After the service where people throw dirtContinue reading “Under the Grave: A Poem”

Final Part of Fiona’s Hero

Welcome back, owlnerds. Here is the final part of Fiona’s Hero The Synopsis: Fiona’s world begins to fall apart. After a recent gun shooting, her biggest supporter is gone. Now she is struggling to keep the faith, keep her grades up, and stay out of trouble. Will Fiona keep the faith in one of theContinue reading “Final Part of Fiona’s Hero”

Fiona’s Hero Part Three

Welcome back back, owlnerds! Enjoy Part Three: The Argument Flipping on the living room lights, I headed toward the kitchen. With piles of dishes in the sink, I ignore the mess and open our stainless steel refrigerator. Opening the bottom drawers, I pulled out an apple and a string of cheese. Shutting refrigerator door, IContinue reading “Fiona’s Hero Part Three”

Open Your Horizons

Greetings, owlnerds! It’s the first blog post of 2019. This year will be a crazy year. I plan on finishing my rewrites by the end of March. So I take the next big step toward publishing. More info for that will come soon. For today’s post, I am telling myself and all that we shouldContinue reading “Open Your Horizons”

Seeking Alpha Readers

Welcome back, owlnerds. I am currently seeking alpha readers for a story I have been working on and off the past few years. Here is the excerpt of the first chapter. Enjoy!!! Comment down if you like to be part of my street team where you can help me promote it and even help meContinue reading “Seeking Alpha Readers”